Top 5 Best Wearable Chair Reviews (2019)

Nowadays, you can sit anywhere you want because of the help of a wearable chair. A wearable chair has a flexible design so you can wear it and sit in your most favorite places. The design is also compact and simple to keep you comfortable and free from any health problem. Here, we have the top 5 best wearable chair review to read before purchasing a new wearable chair.

Noone Chairless Chair

Noone is designed by German startup, Zuhlke and Swiss startup, Sapetti. The design is super compact and this is the reason why Noone wearable chair is known as an exoskeleton chair. Actually, this wearable chair is designed for manufacturing environments, especially for workers who have to stand for a few hours a day. By using this product, they don’t have to stand anymore and get a more comfortable position. It is a flexible wearable chair where you can adjust the height based on your need. Noone wearable chair is made of high-quality polyamide to achieve a lightweight and durable product. The chair is able to hold up to 130kg. You can buy this product for $4360.

Ofrees Wearable Chair

Unlike Noone, Ofrees wearable chair is designed for travelers or backpackers. The chair is designed just like an exoskeleton so you can install it from the waist and legs. When you install this chair, you can sit anywhere you want right away anytime you find a great place during your traveling. It is also a compact and lightweight product due to the high-quality aluminum material. You may install anytime and it doesn’t disturb your walk. The wearable chair is folded into a backpack for easy storage. This compact wearable chair is able to hold up to 120kg. The explanation here is enough to include Ofress in the list of top 5 best wearable chair review.

Archelis Wearable Chair

Archelis wearable chair is designed by Nitto, a Japanese company in collaboration with Chiba University. It is believed that the chair is able to reduce the risk of muscle fatigue. The wearable chair works by supporting the key pressure point of your leg to make sure that you can sit comfortably. The chair has an ability to lock your knee and ankle in the right position in order to create a correct posture. At the same time, you can move freely and safely even if you wear this wearable chair. The design looks like a bionic robot and it is pretty cool.

LEX Wearable Chair

LEX wearable chair is made by Astride Bionics and just like Archelis, this wearable chair is designed for health purpose. By the time you are wearing the chair, it helps to adjust your body angle automatically so you can sit comfortably and safety. This product is made of high-quality aluminum and it is able to hold up to 120kg of weight. It is considered as a lightweight product in which you are about to use a 1kg wearable chair. The price is also affordable enough and you can buy this wearable chair by spending $297.

Sitpack 2.0

This wearable chair is considered as the most compact wearable chair. It consists of a standing stool and it is easy to adjust. The installation is also easy to adjust so you can use based on your need and the most comfortable position. You can use this product for a variety of purposes including for working, especially if you have to stand all day long. It is also a perfect product for travelers.

Now, you have the list of top 5 best wearable chair review here. Just learn those wearable chairs well and start to choose the best one to use.

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