Top 3 Best Wearable Fitness Tracker with Affordable Price

The fitness tracker is a must tool nowadays that you should own to monitor your overall health and activities. The best wearable fitness tracker will let you know this information with no effort. Most of the latest devices which is available on the market show you details of your workouts, stress, heart rate and everything about it each time wearing them.

The best wearable fitness tracker is considered as an electronic finger that will be able to detect pulse accurately. Moreover, it will repetitively measure the quality of your sleep, the vitals, step count and many more. The current market is filled with fantastic devices which provide you good services for tracking basics. But you won’t find any high-end wrist wear technology here.

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Here, we only show you the list of the best wearable fitness tracker which has some stand out features. The term of ranks will be determined from its specs, design, price, the quality of the app and so on.

  1. Moov Now

Moov Now might just enter the market a few years ago, but the six-month-long for battery life is really phenomenal that everyone couldn’t ignore it. You will get everything that you will want from the best wearable fitness tracker. Moreover, it’s cheap!

This fitness tracker can be used not only for step tracking. You can also use it to track boxing and other types of training with rep based. Additionally, you can use this device while swimming beside for sleep monitoring and run coaching. Those are a bunch of features that you’ll need if you love the sport.

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You will not get GPS or more complex features that a fitness tracker can have. But, if you want an excellent everyday tracker with affordable price, then Moov Now is the perfect choice for you.

  1. Fitbit Charge 3

The refined edition from Fitbit Charge 2, this one is the newest device of the best wearable fitness tracker. The Fitbit Charge 3 offers a more lightweight wristband with a better design to look good when wearing on. Even if the device still has a white and black screen, the display is clearer and bigger than any other common trackers.

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You couldn’t find onboard GPS feature on this product unless if you pair it with your smartphone. This device is safe to bring in while swimming and gives you a complete fitness suite such as heart rate tracker.

Fitbit Charge 3 is known as the best tracker from its company. It gives you wonderful sleep tracking and access to notifications. If you would love these features in six days’ battery life, then you should choose this specific device.

  1. Garmin Vivosmart 4

We recognize that Garmin Vivosmart 4 is one of the most accomplished health bands which also make it as one of the best wearable fitness tracker. This version has a bigger screen compared to the previous products. And, the device has a battery that should be able to accompany you around a week, but it also depends on how much you’ll be exercising.

Actually, Garmin Vivosmart 4 is not designed specifically for serious athletes like other varieties from the Garmin company. However, this is the most preferred device for those who want to wear attractive health band that would be able to track the odd bit of your workouts.

The most astounding feature that you can find on this fitness tracker is body battery. This feature will let you know when is the best recommended time for a workout by detecting how much energy you have at the moment. This fitness tracker is the best option for those who are just concerned about their general wellbeing. Thus, this device will suit perfectly for people who focus on recovery.

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