Top 5 Best Wearable Heart Monitor

This article will be about the top 5 best wearable heart monitor reviews. Heart rate monitors are not just for monitoring your heart rate but it also serves as your fashion compliment. Other than that, there are various benefits to the users. There are various types of heart rate monitors available on the market and you might need to find out which one that suits your lifestyle and your need.

Before you choose the one that suits you, it is important to consider the comfort factor in the first place. You may find one you need on our list of the top 5 best wearable heart monitor reviews. Other than that, the features also need to be considered other than that price.

#1 Wahoo Fitness Tickr X Heart Rate Monitor

This heart rate monitor provides more than just a heart rate monitor. This device also serves a run tracker for both indoor and outdoor. You can even count the reps during your strength workout. The price is reasonable compared to the competitors.

You might love this product because it is worth your dollar and can be connected through ANT+ and Bluetooth. It is equipped with an onboard memory so you do not need to wear it with another device. Coming with a bunch of tracking features, this HRM is pretty accurate. However, the advanced metrics for running cannot be sent even to the compatible running watch.

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#2 Polar H10 Heart Rate Sensor

If you need a heart rate monitor that provides versatility and convenience without leaving the accuracy then this product might be the one for you. It also values your money. According to the testing, it gives an accurate result. The item is comfy to wear and the battery life is really something. The unit is waterproof and does not need a phone to be nearby. However, some common features require a subscription to be sued. And the GymLink connections lag sometimes.

#3 Garmin HRM-Run

If you already have the unit of Garmin fitness tracker then you may need to purchase this strap as well. The strap will give you a bunch of advanced stats like the ground contact time, oscillation, and many more. As long as you use it with a compatible device, you can collect six advanced data of running stats. The result is accurate and the unit is very comfortable to use. However, it does not support the Bluetooth use, considering it only uses the ANT+. You cannot wash it using any machine.

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#4 Polar OH1

This armband is more into an optical heart rate monitor instead of a chest strap. We can say that this is one of the best devices in the class. The device is very comfortable to wear and almost weightless. The battery is rechargeable and it works with onboard memory. Strava is compatible with this unit. However, it only monitors your heart rate with very limited connectivity of apps.

If you prefer armband instead of a chest strap then you may include this unit into your list. Beforehand, make sure that the Polar Flow works with the apps and devices you use with. Still, this unit is pretty reliable.

#5 Scosche Rhythm+

In this era, we do not need to suffer from the discomfort caused by the chest strap HRM. This unit is an armband that will collect your heart rate record and work with both Bluetooth and ANT+ devices. Even though it is not the most innovative thing, you can rely on this product, not to mention how reasonably priced this item is. The cons might include no feedback on the real-time heart rate. And this is the end section of the top 5 best wearable heart monitor reviews.

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