Top 5 Best Wearable Neck Speakers to Support Your Outdoor Activities

Listening to your favorite music become much easier today. You don’t have to bring a large device only to listen to music. What you need is a wearable neck speaker. There are several best wearable neck speakers available in the market. You just need to put the wearable neck speaker on your neck and sit in your most favorite spots. The speaker helps to deliver music without any earbuds or speakers. Let’s check the list and find the best one to use.

Rhingo Electwear

This wearable neck speaker is designed for sports lovers including bicyclists, joggers, and athletes. Rhingo Electwear has a compact and unique design so it is comfortable and eye-catching to wear. You can wear this neck speaker anytime you want including at night because there is LED blinkers on its back. Other people such as drivers can see the LED blinkers so they can slow down the speed.

It is also supported by straps and you can tighten it for your comfort. The device also able to connect fast so you can listen to your favorite music while doing exercise. Rhingo Electwear is offered in two models which are the black and red color.

Tokk Smart

Tokk Smart becomes one of the best wearable neck speakers because of its design and features. In the form of its design, the device is compact and portable enough so you can wear this neck speaker anytime you want fast.

There is a magnetic feature which will be attached to your clothes or metal object and it helps you a lot, especially when you are wearing it outdoor. In the form of function, Tokk Smart is a functional device due to its microphone and speaker. Those two features provide high-quality sound even when you are wearing it outdoor. There is also a LED status indicator to show the detail clearly. It is possible for you to make voice dialing. It seems that the manufacturer needs to fix the volume control for the user’s comfort.

Em-Tech My Theater

This is also a super compact wearable neck speaker you can wear easy and fast. Because of the compact design, the device is comfortable enough for those who want to wear it all day long. Don’t underestimate the performance of this small neck speaker because it is able to produce high-volume music along with full-sounding bass.

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Em-Tech My Theater is a good option whether you want to wear it indoor or outdoor. You can transfer data via Bluetooth fast. The microphone is also remarkable. The problem is on its battery life. Users think that battery life is too short.

JBL Soundgear

This is a perfect option for those who want to wear a wearable neck speaker with high-quality audio. The design is simple and compact so you can keep comfort while doing your activity. It seems that you don’t wear anything but you can listen to your favorite music anytime you want.

The audio quality is the strength of the product and even you can listen to music while driving a motorcycle. The problem is on the short battery life. To solve this problem, JBL soundgear is designed along with fast charging system where you can charge this device for two hours only and then you can use it just like before.

LG Tone Studio HBS-W120

The best part of this device is on its 4 speakers which produce a great bass vibration. As a result, you can listen to high audio quality. Another benefit of using LG Tone Studio is that you can connect 2 devices together faster.

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It is a solution for those who want to find a wearable neck speaker with long battery life. Just imagine that you can use the device up to 16 hours after fully recharged. That’s why this device is included on the best wearable neck speakers.

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