Top 5 Best Wearable Spy Cameras

There are many reasons, why you need a wearable spy camera. You can use it to record important meeting and use the video as evidence or reference. Or, you can wear it to make a video blog. Most of the spy camera has the ability to record high-quality video. Therefore, it’s perfectly suitable for that purpose. Now, if you are interested to get one, we have the Top 5 best wearable spy camera review for you, below:

1. Veho Mini Handsfree Action Cam

Although we call it as an action cam, its small size makes it difficult to notice. Moreover, you can mount it in many places, from your clothes to your helmet, if you plan to create traveling video. Its ability to produce video is really good. You can use it to record 1080p and 30fps video. It also has a viewfinder that you can use to find out the object or target you are recording. This will help you to get the right angle and such.

2. Front Row FR Wearable Lifestyle Camera

Among many wearable spy camera products you can find on the market, this one is the most beautifully designed. It looks like an insignia. So, you can wear it for your fashion style accessories. However, it doesn’t only have a good appearance. Its feature also is quite satisfying.

For example, you can do a live stream on your social media account. It also has a longer battery life. You can record several hours of video using this camera. Unfortunately, this camera is very expensive. So, it’s not affordable for all people. It is only for you who want to have a beautiful spy camera with okay features. If you want to save more money and get the best performance, Veho Mini is the best choice.

3. CEESC Body Worn Camera

Police and other professionals use this camera a lot. Therefore, you can expect some great features on it. For example, you can record 1080p resolution video using this camera. Plus, it has a 2-inch display screen which helps you to operate this camera easier. Moreover, using this display screen, you also can view your recorded video.

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For protection, this camera is equipped with vibration proof and IP54 waterproof feature. And, it also has night vision and motion detection feature for helping you create a variety of recording style. With 32 GB internal storage, you can record longer video with it.

4. E Tronic Edge Wearable Body Cam

It was advertised as a multi-purpose wearable camera. And, it does have many ways to use it. First of all, the size is very small and its weight is only 7.4 ounces. So, you can easily use it as a spy camera. Then, it also has social media sharing features. You can easily share your video directly by connecting it to your Smartphone. And, it also has an ability to record 1080p video. Basically, you can get everything from it.

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5. SereneLife Clip-on Wearable Camera

It doesn’t have advanced features like the other four. However, this one is the cheapest among others. If you want to save more money and don’t mind about the feature, this camera is the best choice. It is only 2 ounces, so you won’t feel anything when you wear it. Even though we said it has limited feature, but it can record 1080p video. You also can use its 12 megapixels lens to capture a high-quality photo.

Basically, those are 5 wearable spy camera products you can try. Each of them has different features and price. So, choose them based on those two factors. The most important thing here is you can use this Top 5 best wearable spy camera review to find the camera that you need.

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