Best Fitness Tracker for Boxing

When you’re either in or out of the ring, ask yourself this question: what did all the greats have in common? From Floyd Mayweather to Muhammad Ali to Rocky Marciano, what is the one thing that separated them from the rest? No, it’s not whether they were an in-boxer or an out-boxer, not whether they were an orthodox or southpaw, heck it’s not even to do with their reach or footwork – it’s far more intuitive than all this!

They adapted.

They were capable of responding to the most minute and intricate of changes and kept track of rising trends. Whether it was adapting their technique to accommodate for the unique style of their upcoming opponent or revolutionising their training regime based on the latest, cutting-edge scientific research, they were all capable of accommodating for change within a heartbeat.

Likewise, we’re seeing a similar trend when we look at fitness trackers. These devices are becoming incredibly popular in the fitness world when it comes down to precisely measuring your heart rate, caloric expenditure and even the efficiency of your form. There’s no reason why you shouldn’t leverage this technology to improve your boxing game so if you’re convinced, check out our list below!

Best Fitness Trackers for Boxing

Moov 3D Fitness Tracker & Real Time Audio Coach

3D Fitness Tracker & Real Time Audio Coach, Moov...
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Optimised with boxing in mind, Moov’s 3D fitness Tracker offers a unique experience regardless of whichever colour you settle for. Composed out of extremely breathable, lightweight silicone straps, they glide onto any wrist effortlessly and their presence will be unnoticed even during the most technical and demanding of boxing drills.

But the real magic begins once you start boxing. The Moov will track all your movements, jabs, uppercuts and even the strength of your punches and will then analyse your performance to provide feedback on how to improve your technique.

It doesn’t just stop there though. Not only can the Moov be used for variety of different exercises (e.g. swimming, running, cycling) on your off or cardio days, but you’ll also be able to receive real time audio coaching from the Moov while you train.

This fitness tracker is absolutely worth it at its price point and adding its 6 months of battery life, water resistance and the fact that it uses 3 times the sensors than its average competition to the equation, you’ve got yourself a steal.

Before you rush off to Amazon however, don’t forget that for boxing, you have to use both your hands. This means you have to buy two of these fitness trackers, one for each hand!


BXTRACKER 2020 New Smart Boxing Tracker

bxtracker 2020 New Smart Boxing Tracker Punch Tracker Boxing...
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Another fitness tracker designed specifically with boxers as the target audience is the BXTRACKER. With its Tron-like futuristic yet slick design, boxers of all levels from the  humblest of beginners to the most seasoned of veterans will stand to benefit from what this fitness tracker offers.

Not only is it hugely comfortable given its weight of a mere 4.6 ounces but with its soft composition, you can rest assured that they won’t get in the way of your boxing sessions.

Simply slip it onto your hands by placing them on top of your wrists, load up the BXTRACKER app and you’ll be ready to go – you’ll be able to see the quantity, type and velocity of every punch you make which makes for a solid way to track your progress.

Further, with BXTRACK capturing a single movement of the hand over a thousand times per second, the accuracy of this device is unparalleled to the average fitness tracker out there in the market right now.


PIQ Everlast Wearable Boxing Sport and Fitness Tracker

PIQ Everlast and PIQ Wearable Boxing Sport and Fitness...
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Yet another tracker designed for boxers in mind is the PIQ Everlast Tracker which interestingly, can easily be adapted for a whole range of other sports such as tennis and golf. Anyways we digress, when it comes to boxing, the PIQ Tracker will easily be able to meticulously break down and analyse the punches you throw during your workouts – irrespective of whether you’re shadow boxing or hitting the mitts or even sparring with a live opponent.

It’ll show you the number of punches you make, the type of punch, impact, reaction and even speed time, among other things and will then analyse these factors to produce feedback on what you need to work on or excel at.

It also comes fitted with in-built health trackers that show the number of calories you’re burning so if you happen to be watching your diet – the PIQ Tracker will only make your life easier! Again though, like the Moov it only comes with a single tracker so to get the most out of it you’ll have to purchase two separate trackers for both your hands!

UFC Force Tracker

NET PLAYZ Force Tracker/Real-Time Speed Strength Power...
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The final product on our list that is dedicated almost exclusively to combat sports is the UFC Force Tracker. Now this isn’t your stand fitness tracker – you don’t wear it on your wrist, arm or hand, in fact it’s meant to be placed outside your body.

This non-wearable device is meant to be installed onto the bottom of a punching bag (or at the top if you have a standing bag) but don’t worry. Installation is a breeze! All you do is clip it on with a single motion and you’re ready to begin training.

Intended to be synced with your smart device, the Force Tracker app will then utilise its advance sensor tracking technology and artificial intelligence to break down your punches (and kicks too if you want to add something new to the mix). It’ll measure not just the number of punches you throw but the angle, force and even speed and at the end, it will provide instant yet accurate feedback through its highly interactive interface on your phone.

It wouldn’t be a stretch to say that this tracker could double as your coach if necessary! And better yet, if you want to add other combat sports to your repertoire from Tae Kwon Do to Muay Thai, the UFC Force Tracker will still be able to do the job.


Fitbit Charge 2

Fitbit Charge 2 Heart Rate + Fitness Wristband, Black, Large...
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Now while Fitbits aren’t designed specifically for boxing in mind, you’ll be pleasantly surprised to find that it can still do a fantastic job if you give it a chance. Specifically, the Charge 2 offers a huge range of functionalities that are useful both in and out of the boxing centre.

You’ll be able to track your overall physical health through its heat rate tracker, sleep tracker and even GPS capabilities for your long roadwork sessions. And with the huge amount of information you’ll get out of this about your body, it shouldn’t be too hard to optimise your own training regime accordingly.

One thing to note that is the Fitbit can be a bit uncomfortable to wear when placed under the mitts depending on the size and shape of your hands. If this applies to you, you should think creatively! Either push it up higher on your forearms or wear it on your ankle – you’ll still be able to measure your physical activity just as accurately so long as you fasten it on properly.


Apple Watch Series 5

Apple Watch Series 5 (GPS, 40mm) - Space Gray Aluminum Case...
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Again, much like the Fitbit the Apple Watch Series 5 isn’t intended to be used for boxing alone. This device is slick, lightweight and adaptable to just about any training regime though. You’ll be able to measure your overall physical health meticulously though with this device.

From sleep patterns to your heart rate, calorie burning, and so on, the data you get from the Apple Watch will be invaluable for any boxer to monitor their overall progress. With it’s advanced health tracking technology, this device may be the most accurate on our list when it comes to measuring everything except for punches.

Personally though, we only suggest you wear this device when you’re not sparring with a live opponent and have to deal with parries and blocks. Such intense activity will probably damage the Apple Watch but beyond this, you’ll find this device to be an excellent fitness companion for your boxing training.

And if you have the money to shell out, you could even pair this with a dedicated boxing fitness tracker to fully reap all potential benefits!

Three Things to Consider in a Boxing Fitness Tracker

Weight & Size: The weight and size of your boxing fitness tracker are hugely important. You’ll need something that’s not just accurate but also unnoticeable – if it were to get in the way of your punches, it’ll probably negatively impact your game. So, looking for a product that’s light and small will be ideal. On this note, devices like the Fitbit and Apple Watch may seem comparably cumbersome when you compare them with dedicated boxing trackers like the BXTRACKER.

Durability: Boxing just may well be one of the most dangerous and deadly sports out there today. With strikes being thrown from all angles, your body, arms and hands will be sure to take a beating. Likewise, this applies to your poor little fitness tracker as well! You’ll need to get a product that can withstand some pretty rough treatment if you’re looking to get a solid bang for your buck. Of course, this only applies if you intend to actually do some live sparing with the tracker on. If you’re just doing solo drills and the like, durability shouldn’t be too much of an issue.

Placement: Where you place your fitness tracker on your body will depend entirely on both what you’re doing and which tracker you choose. For instance, the Moov trackers are designed to be work on the wrists to get the most out of a boxing session. This also applies to BXTRACKER. But with something like the Fitbit, if you’re worried about damaging the device or worried that it’ll get in the way, you could even wear it on your ankle if all you want to measure if you heart rate and calorie expenditure.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Do I need to get two trackers for myself since I use both hands to box?

To obtain the most accurate results possible, the answer to this question is a resounding yes. Most devices do happen to come with two trackers but for some like the Moov, you’ll need to fork out twice the price unfortunately. You could certainly get away with using just a single tracker and still get some good feedback, but we don’t recommend you do this – after all, what’s the use of a coach that’s only half as good?

Is it important that a tracker has water resistance?

Absolutely! Boxing can be an incredibly sweaty affair so you should expect your fitness tracker to be completely drenched in sweat after a hard day of boxing. All the devices on our list are totally water resistant so this shouldn’t be an issue, but should you choose to opt for a device outside of our list, make sure you keep this in mind.