Best Wearable Fitness Tracker Watches of 2020

Regular exercise is up there on the list of recommendations as a way to stay healthy and have a long and lasting life. It doesn’t matter whether your favorite activities are steam games like soccer or basketball or individual ones like running or weightlifting, exercise is also a brilliant way to stay in shape and look great.

Fitness trackers perform a vital role in this and allow you to stay on top of your achievements, fastest times and the like so you can tailor your exercise to your specific needs. They also provide a safety net when they track your heart rate to make sure you do not push too hard.

The advancements in the field have been so quick that fitness tracker watches are now considered an essential companion to any workout or exercise. To help you on your journey to self-improvement, we compiled a list to help you find the best wearable fitness tracker watch today.

Best Wearable Fitness Tracker Watches with ECG Monitor, Heart Rate and Blood Pressure

1. Fossil Men’s Sport Metal and Silicone Touchscreen Smartwatch

Fossil Men's Gen 4 Sport Heart Rate Metal and Silicone...

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This smartwatch and fitness tracker from the Australian brand Fossil is elegantly designed and has a multitude of features that can’t be beaten. The design of this watch really is superb and it looks premium throughout. It is a full smartwatch as well as a fitness tracker so is very versatile and can be used for things such as reading messages and listening to music.

The fitness tracker features are excellent and it is all run through Google Fit. It will track your heart rate, has inbuilt GPS for distance, is waterproof so can be used for swimming and has Google Pay for purchases on the go. The battery life is excellent at 24 hours on a full charge and it can be charged using standard USB connections.

2. DoSmarter Fitness Watch

DoSmarter Smart Fitness Watch, 1.3' Touchscreen Waterproof...

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This fitness watch is suited for both men and women and is a strong contender for the best wearable fitness tracker watch on the market today. Perfect for an active lifestyle, it features a 24-hours heart rate monitor, blood pressure monitor, exercises tracking and sleep tracking functions.

You can view notifications on the screen from your connected smartphone too. The battery life on this device is great and will last for ten days, if in fitness tracker mode only. If needed, there are also female-specific health reminders that you can set, as well as alarms. Everything can be linked back to apps on your smartphone and controlled separately from there.

3. Dr. Viva Fitness Tracker Activity Tracker with ECG Monitor

DR.VIVA GPS Watch for Men Women, Activity Tracker GPS...

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This fitness tracker watch from Dr Viva is custom made to be a great partner to your exercising and health needs. The fitness ranking functions range from dynamic heart rate monitoring to sleep monitoring and will help you to maintain a balanced and healthy lifestyle. The GPS will allow you to time and record your exercise, and everything is connected and transmitted to your smartphone.

In addition, you can message, set alarms, control music, and your phone. The screen on this model is particularly impressive –  a large HD screen with vivid colors. We saved the best for last, however, as this fitness tracker comes with an ECG monitor, essential to detect any irregularity in your heartbeats.

4. LETSCOM Smart Watch Fitness Tracker

LETSCOM Smart Watch Fitness Tracker Heart Rate Monitor Step...

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The dial on the Letscom smartwatch fitness tracker is outstanding, and it has a full-color LCD display with 4 customizable screens, allowing you to view time and date as well as all the fitness-related information. It monitors all the expected data from your body and will relay this to your smartphone if needed.

The battery life is fantastic at a standby time of over 30 days and a use time of ten days on a single charge. A neat function of this model is the smart alarm. You can set ten different alarms to remind you of different tasks. All this and the watch measures in at a tiny five to seven inches strap length, a feature-packed device for sure.

5. MorePro ECG Monitor Watch

MorePro Heart Rate Monitor Blood Pressure Fitness Activity...

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This smartwatch and fitness tracker is multifunctional and has excellent manufacturing and build quality. As well as featuring all the fitness tracking functions that you would expect, this model comes with an ECG monitor and uses real time data to keep track of your heart health.

It is easy and straightforward to use, so even seniors can take advantage of it. It is fully compatible with both Android and Apple phones, and it looks very sleek, like a wristband. Besides ECG and heart rate, you can also keep on top of your blood pressure, so this is one of the best wearable fitness tracker watches for someone with health issues.

6. HalfSun Fitness Tracker

HalfSun Fitness Tracker, Activity Tracker Fitness Watch with...

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The Half Sun fitness tracker goes one step further in terms of tracking your health. Along with the standard features of heart rate, calorie counter and pedometer, this device is also a blood pressure monitor. You can check and record your blood pressure easily, with a click of a button.

The only requirement is that you keep still while doing it. Keeping track of this data on your smartphone is a good way to analyze fluctuations and to understand triggers better, so this is one of the best wearable fitness tracker watches for people that suffer from high blood pressure.

7. Lintelek Fitness Tracker Heart Rate Monitor

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This fitness tracker watch from Lintelek features an integrated watch face design that makes it look more like a wristband than a watch and is very discreet. Suitable for men, women, and children, this model is totally waterproof and built from durable materials so that it lasts.

It features a massive number of fourteen sport modes, message and call reminders, and even sedentary alert alarms to let you know when you have been sat down too long.

A neat feature of this model is that to charge it, you detach the watch’s face and plug it into a USB cable to power it up. When finished, you just join it back up with the wristband.

8. Yihou Fitness Tracker, Heart Rate and Blood Pressure Monitor

Fitness Tracker Blood Pressure Heart Rate Monitor Blood...

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This model stands out because the design and build are really exceptional – it looks just like a true premium model. It comes in six fantastic looking colors and it’s fully compatible with both Android and Apple phones. The screen is big and bright, great for visualization, and the wristband is adjustable to fit men, women and children alike.

The battery life lasts a full seven days with one charge which is fairly good compared to other models and brands. It is also waterproof and great for swimming tracking. It is very easy to use, straightforward and logical in its design and full of amazing functions, including the rare blood pressure monitor one.

9. MorePro Waterproof Health Tracker

MorePro Fitness Tracker with Blood Pressure Heart Rate...

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This design from Morepro follows a similar style to others and is band-shaped with an integrated screen. The screen is full color and has IPS color tech – the display is especially bright and is easily seen in bright sunlight. The tracking features are a dynamic heart rate monitor and auto sleep monitor, amongst others.

All your health data is collected and sent to the smartphone app and displayed in a data chart for you to explore. It has a built-in USB plug that allows charging from any USB port. Again, like most of these devices, battery life is fantastic and can reach around seven days of regular use.

10. L8star Fitness Tracker, Activity Tracker

L8star Fitness Tracker Heart Rate Activity Tracker with 1.3...

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Another design that is very similar to the Apple watch, the L8star tracker is fantastic to look at. Although it looks amazing, it’s the battery that is the star of the show. It will, impressively, last thirty days on a full charge, or even sixty days on standby mode.

Other standouts are the 3D sensor and the pedometer that counts your steps as you go about your day. The screen is a beautiful 1.3 inch IPS with full touch capability. The font is larger than on other device screens so if you struggle with your vision this could be the best option for you.

How to Buy the Best Wearable Fitness Tracker Watch

Design – When wearing a fitness tracker and constantly checking on it, the look and feel of the device is one of the most important aspects of it. Each person has their own unique style and that will mean that not every watch is right for you. They come in a range of colors, sizes, and shapes. Some are discrete and look like a wristband, others are loud and proud and take a more traditional watch shape and form. Take your time to consider which one is right and matches your style best. Look at other design features too such as waterproof capabilities and how far the signal will reach from watch to phone.

Extra functions – Fitness trackers also feature functions that do more than simply tracking your exercise and sleep cycles. Most of them today will have extra uses such as messaging, alarms, music, remote control and others. There are so many extra features out there on these devices that it is easy to get confused. Make sure your choice has at the very least all the fitness tracking functions that you need and then choose the one that caters to your extra needs best.

Battery life – Battery life between models can vary wildly and should be checked before the purchase. The manufacturer will always advertise somewhere on the page or product how long the battery life will last. The battery length will come in two numbers, one will be the battery time and the other will be the standby time. The use time is what you want to look at as this will be what affects you most. The standby time is the battery time when you are not using the device and it is sitting idle.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a fitness tracker watch?

A fitness tracker, also known as an activity tracker, is a device that monitors and tracks fitness metrics and numbers from your exercise activities. These can include walking, swimming, running and many more. It can also count calorie consumption, track sleeping patterns, menstrual cycles, and heart rate.

Tracker devices today are combined with smartwatch functionalities that allow you to message, tell the time, play music and remote control functions.

Does a fitness tracker watch help you stay healthy?

If used correctly, a fitness tracker watch can be used in conjunction with regular exercise to stay healthy. On its own though, it will not keep you healthy. There is nothing better for your health than exercising often. We highly recommend you consult an expert with any health-related questions.

Can anybody use a fitness tracker watch?

Of course. Fitness trackers have fully adjustable wrist straps that will fit any sized wrists. They are easy and safe to use for all ages. They might even feature age-specific settings and features tailored to your needs.