Top 6 Best Wearable Voice Changer Products

Sometimes, you may just not want your original voice to be heard by others when making a call. There are some purposes for this. Maybe, you are involved in a certain investigation or you simply want to prank your friends. Sure, to do it, you need a certain device or app that can change your voice. Interestingly, there are some products of wearable that are considered the best for this necessity. What are they?

Toysmith’s Multi Voice Changer

Multi Voice Changer from Toysmith is in the form of a cute microphone to bring anywhere. It is compatible with other devices including Smartphone and tablet. Slightly, it looks like a conventional small microphone so that no one realizes that you can easily change your voice with it. The product features 8 different voices from men and women. Initially, the product is produced as a toy for children. But since the quality is good, the demands come from adults also.

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Voice Changer with Microphone PROD-ID

Another recommended wearable is Voice Changer that features Microphone PROD-ID. The dimension is quite small and you can bring it anywhere by hanging it on your neck. It provides you more than 10 options for the voice and you can even compose it by yourself. Interestingly, the product is durable and it cannot be easily damaged. This voice changer is necessary on any occasion. More than that, there is a feature to muffle sound around. This way, your disguise cannot be easily found.

Andoer Mini Multi Voice Changer

The product from Andoer offers you 8 options of different voice as well as it enables you to compose it by yourself. It is possible for you to change your voice from male to female and vice versa. Andoer Mini Multi Voice Changer features Microphone Megaphone Loudspeaker. With the loudspeaker, you can increase or decrease the volume as you want. The size is quite small, making it really practical to bring around.

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Voice Changer Unit Microphone with Cord

Like the name, the product features cord to arrange the timbre, volume, and more. In other words, you can create your own voice using the voice that has been recorded before. Meanwhile, some other voices have been available whether they are male and female. The way to use it is really easy. Meanwhile, it has some other functions including as radio and music player. In one package, you can receive the main item featured a microphone and a headset. The product is recommended for teachers, tour guides, and others. One more thing, the design is really cute.

Change My Voice

In some years, the product is an app for Smartphone whether it is Android or iOS. However, the company seems to develop it into one independent product along with the hardware. Change My Voice is focused on creating new voices using special effects that have been available. Besides, there are some ready-to-use voices; they are the voices of male, female, and animals like the cat and chipmunk. The wearable is designed in a small size, making it really practical. You can use a small rope available to hang it on your neck.


In the form of the app, VoiceFX has been downloaded and installed by more than a million Smartphone users for the unique features it has. Despite changing your voice instantly, it is able to record and transform your voice using the interesting effects. Some voice effects provided are those that can make your voice sound more beautiful while singing, robot effects, male and female voices, monster, aliens, animals, and more. Now it is available independently and included in the best wearable voice changer list.

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