7 Best Wearable/Portable Voice Changer Devices (Updated)

Voice changers are devices or software that can change the way people hear you when talking. You would speak through a microphone or into a specific port on the device. Then the output creates a special effect based on the settings you choose.

Some options would include changing the pitch of your voice lower or higher, sounding like a child, or creating robot noises.

Best Voice Changer Devices

Voice changing devices are an affordable way to have fun when you speak with other people. Below are top 7 best voice changer devices you can buy at amazon with good price:

#1. A Star Wars Story Imperial Stormtrooper Electronic Voice Changer Helmet

Star Wars The Black Series Rogue One: A Star Wars Story...

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It is a cool helmet along with several great features. Let’s take a look a little bit at the helmet and what makes it different than other helmets.

Great Detail 

It feels that you are a real Imperial Stormtrooper when you are wearing this helmet. The design looks real just like what you see in the movie. Just imagine if you have an Imperial Stromtrooper helmet from the Black Series collection.

Electronic Voice Changer 

One thing that makes people interested in the helmet is the electronic voice changer. You just need to switch the button on the side of the helmet and your voice will be just like an Imperial Stromtrooper. The system is powered by a battery. You need to prepare 3 1.5v AAA alkaline batteries because it is not included in the package.

Designed for 8 Years Old and Older Users 

Most people love Star Wars whether kids, teenagers, and adults. The good thing is that this helmet is designed for all Star Wars lovers from 8 years old kids to older users. The helmet size is fit enough so the users will be comfortable enough in case they want to wear it for a few hours. It looks like the role of the helmet for the Imperial Stormtroopers in which it protects them in almost any environment. Even, you will try to find all the properties and just be like a real Imperial Stromtrooper. It is a fantastic birthday or Chrismas gift for your beloved kids, especially if they are one of the Star Wars fans.


#2. Amscan Halloween Voice Change

Amscan Halloween Voice Changer Party Supplies, Black

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Do you want to make a surprise at the Halloween party? Besides wearing a Halloween costume, you can also wear an Amscan Halloween Voice Changer.

Compact Design 

The design is compact enough so you can keep it save somewhere around the Halloween costume. Moreover, the device is simple to make sure that you can use it immediately. The black color is suitable for all types of costumes.

Create Different Types of Scary Sounds 

Interestingly, you can produce several scary sounds such as the sound of a monster and alien. Even, you can choose to amplify your voice. It has three different voice categories which are a normal, deep, and high pitch voice. The deep voice is to create a monster’s sound whereas the high pitch sound is to create an alien’s sound. You just need to put 3 AA batteries on the device and you are ready to make your friends and family shock and scream with the scary sound. The batteries are not included on the package so just make sure that you get it before the Halloween party.

Simple Features 

The features are also simple. That’s why this device is easy to use. One of the features is a microphone. This feature is adjustable, hands-free, and supported by an attached cord. The microphone helps you to produce great and really scary sound. Everyone at the party will hear the sound and scream because of it.

So, if you still get confused about how to make an unforgettable surprise at the Halloween party, just use Amscan Halloween Voice Changer.


#3. Star Wars Imperial Death Trooper Voice Changing Mask

Star Wars Imperial Death Trooper Voice Changing Mask - Rogue...

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Can you imagine if you are an Imperial Death Trooper just like what you see in the Star Wars movie? You must read this article because you can be just like the troopers.


The design is cool and detail just likes what the Death Troopers wear. This mask is made of molded plastic along with adjustable straps. As a result, the mask looks cool, real, comfortable to wear.


Several cool features support this mask to be a great product to wear. For example, it has straps so you can wear the mask comfortable. It doesn’t move although you are wearing it while running, jumping, or anything. The most interesting part is the voice changer feature. Just like the name, the voice changer feature is installed to make your sound just like the sound of the Imperial Death Trooper. Moreover, you can also switch on a button to make the mask light up. Indeed, you will surprise with the detail and features of the mask. It seems that you are ready to be one of the troopers.

Things To Know 

One of the things you have to prepare is 3 AAA batteries. You have to buy the batteries separately because it is not included on the package. The batteries will support the system such as the voice changer and light. Moreover, you must know that it is not a full helmet. This is only a half helmet or mask.

So, if you want to wear something unique at a birthday party, Halloween, or any special events, you may consider this Star Wars Imperial Death Trooper Voice Changing Mask.


#4. Toysmith’s Multi Voice Changer

Toysmith Tech Gear Multi Voice Changer (6.5-Inch Various...

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Multi Voice Changer from Toysmith is in the form of a cute microphone to bring anywhere. It is compatible with other devices including Smartphone and tablet. Slightly, it looks like a conventional small microphone so that no one realizes that you can easily change your voice with it. The product features 8 different voices from men and women. Initially, the product is produced as a toy for children. But since the quality is good, the demands come from adults also.


#5. Kicko Kid’s Multi-voice Changer

Kicko Kids Multi Voice Changer - Blue Color - Change Your...

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This affordable voice changing device is intended more to be a toy for kids to enjoy, but it can be a lot of fun for all ages. It comes in blister card packaging, and the product requires a single nine-volt battery to operate that you’ll need to purchase separately. All you need to do to operate the item is to choose one of the buttons. Then you pull the trigger as you talk. You can then choose different combinations to see what happens.

The device is primarily plastic, so users will want to be careful when using this voice changer device for anything but laughs or pretend play. The trigger is a little sensitive, so use a minimum amount of force to turn the device on. If you want to avoid distortion, then don’t place your mouth right next to the product for the best results.


#6. Fealliance B5 Voice Changer Device

Sound Card B5 Voice Changer, Dual DSP Noise Reduction Chip,...

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This voice changer device works on most consoles, tablets, and PCs. It is compatible with a PS4, Xbox, phone, iPad, or computer. You can produce eight different sound effects through the audio interface, with each effect creating something surprising and unique. The output is standard for the industry, working with Kara song software, Android, and iOS. It also works with online platforms for streaming, such as Facebook Live or YouTube.

You will need to be careful when the microphone or headphones are close to this product. It can produce a harsh sound because of the interaction of magnetic fields. Specific voices can sometimes be challenging to replicate, so refer to the instructions included in the package for help. Then enjoy the affordable fun you get to have with this device!


#7. Andoer Mini Multi Voice Changer

Andoer Mini 8 Multi Voice Changer Microphone Megaphone...

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The product from Andoer offers you 8 options of different voice as well as it enables you to compose it by yourself. It is possible for you to change your voice from male to female and vice versa. Andoer Mini Multi Voice Changer features Microphone Megaphone Loudspeaker. With the loudspeaker, you can increase or decrease the volume as you want. The size is quite small, making it really practical to bring around.


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Best App Voice Changers

Change My Voice

In some years, the product is an app for Smartphone whether it is Android or iOS. However, the company seems to develop it into one independent product along with the hardware. Change My Voice is focused on creating new voices using special effects that have been available. Besides, there are some ready-to-use voices; they are the voices of male, female, and animals like the cat and chipmunk. The wearable is designed in a small size, making it really practical. You can use a small rope available to hang it on your neck.


In the form of the app, VoiceFX has been downloaded and installed by more than a million Smartphone users for the unique features it has. Despite changing your voice instantly, it is able to record and transform your voice using the interesting effects. Some voice effects provided are those that can make your voice sound more beautiful while singing, robot effects, male and female voices, monster, aliens, animals, and more. Now it is available independently and included in the best wearable voice changer list.

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