Best Wearable Thermometer for Babies of 2020

Taking care of a baby sometime can be very exhausting, especially if you do it by yourself without any help from parents or baby sitters. When your baby is getting a fever, you must be overwhelmed.

But you do not have to be worried anymore. In this technology era, there is a wearable thermometer that can help you to monitor your baby’s body’s temperature. This wearable thermometer is connected to your personal gadgets such as a smartphone or iPhone so that you will be able to always keep an eye on the condition of your baby.

Best Wearable Thermometer for Babies of 2020

If you are looking for one, below are the top 5 best wearable thermometers for babies.

1. Smartemp Wireless Bluetooth Baby Thermometer

Smartemp Wireless Bluetooth Baby Thermometer - OEM Version

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The first recommended wearable thermometer for babies is Smartemp Wireless Bluetooth Baby Thermometer. This thermometer is already FDA-approved. It will provide you a better way to track and monitor your baby’s temperature in real-time through your personal gadget.

By using Bluetooth, you will be able to keep your baby close while you are checking their body’s temperature. You just need to put the thermometer on your baby’s underarm with a sticky pad. There are 15 sticky pads available. With this wearable baby thermometer, it will be more comfortable for you to monitor your kids’ temperature.

With this device, you will get an alert if your baby’s temperature is rising. This baby thermometer saves 7 days of medical data.


2. Smart Wireless Baby’s Thermometer

Thermometer Wireless Smart Wireless Baby's Thermometer...

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For you who are looking for a professional yet easy to use a wearable baby thermometer, this Smart Wireless Baby’s Thermometer might be suitable for you. This device will allow you to accurately and effortlessly check and monitor your baby’s body’ temperature.

The set includes 1 thermometer, 2 thermometer replacement gels, 1 power charger, and also 1 manual that will inform you how to use the device. Just like other wearable thermometers, you just have to put it in your baby’s underarm. This wearable thermometer will not cause any irritation because it features a soft design and comfortable silicon material.

You can repeatedly use this Smart Wireless Baby’s Thermometer because it is rechargeable.


3. TempTraq Smart Thermometer

TempTraq 24-Hour Intelligent Baby Fever Monitor with...

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The next top 5 best wearable thermometer for babies is TempTraq Smart Thermometer. This intelligent baby thermometer is suitable for busy parents. Because it allows you to keep sensing, monitoring, checking, and recording your baby’s temperature through your personal smartphone.

It will also alert you if the temperature rises beyond the limit. The patch is thin, soft, and flexible. So that it is easy to use and remove. The patch is safe for sensitive skin because it is free from latex and using soft materials.


4. Infanttech Smarttemp Smart Thermometer

Infanttech Smarttemp - Unlimited Use Wearable Smart...

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This wearable thermometer is FDA-approved. It comes with 15 safe adhesive pads and also a carrying case. So, you will be able to bring it anywhere. Moreover, this smart baby thermometer is waterproof so that it is still safe during bathtime.

The pads are soft, causing no pain when it is removed.


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5. Vicks Child Thermometer V935

Vicks Baby Rectal Thermometer 1 ea

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The next is Vicks Child Thermometer V935. It is a wearable thermometer that is used underarm. You will be able to continuously monitor and check your baby’s temperature even when they are sleeping. You can check your baby’s temperature without having to disturb their sleep. Vicks Child Thermometer is gentle, accurate, and safe.

It is approved by pediatricians and fulfills the requirements of the FDA. The medical-grade adhesive is free from latex, mercury, and also glass. In addition, this wearable baby thermometer is comfortable as well.

You can easily bring it in your handbag, tote bag, or you can store it in your first aid kit at home.