Best Wearable Thermometer for Babies of 2020

Technology is a wonderful thing and is being used increasingly more in unique and ingenious ways. Today, there have been many advances in wearable technology and one of the niches that have benefitted from that is baby monitoring solutions.

The old fashioned forehead or in-ear temperature monitors are not the only choices anymore. Super modern devices that send data to a specialized smartphone app are all the rage and could help save lives.

It is natural to worry and to be concerned about your baby’s safety, believe me, I’ve been there. These modern monitoring devices and apps give you an ingenious way to keep your baby safe as well as giving you peace of mind and some much-needed rest.

Below we have taken the time to research and to find you the best wearable thermometers for babies available today. If we can help at least one parent feel better about their baby’s safety then it will have been more than worth the effort.

Best Wearable Thermometers for Babies

1. Sense-U Smart Baby Monitor Breathing Movement Rollover Temperature Detector

Sense-U Smart Baby Monitor Breathing Movement Rollover...

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The Sense U wearable baby monitor is so much more than just a thermometer. This model also doubles as a breathing and movement monitor that will read your baby’s body data and transmit them straight to an app on your phone, as well as notifying you of stomach sleeping.

Inside is a high-performance chipset that very accurately monitors your baby’s signs. It is designed to be attached to your babies nappy at the front and it reads the data from there.

Data is sent to the app over Bluetooth and is completely harmless to your baby’s health. In addition to alerts for temperature increases, it will also alert you to drops in temperature. The app is very modern in design and does a great job of displaying all the information you need to keep our baby safe.

As an added bonus you will receive a swaddle-blanket for no extra cost to wrap your baby up safe and sound. As added peace of mind, the manufacturers are offering a 30-day money-back guarantee if you are in any way not satisfied with the product.

2. Smartemp Wireless Bluetooth Baby Thermometer

Infanttech Smarttemp Wireless Bluetooth Baby Thermometer

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This wireless Bluetooth thermometer from Smartemp is approved by the FDA and gives caring parents the ability to track their baby’s body temperature through a smartphone app.  This model simply adheres to your baby’s underarm area with a sticky pad that is easily removed and can be reused multiple times.

The company affirms, in fact, that it will last up to three years. After that, it must be replaced, since the battery is not replaceable.  The device will send instant alerts to the app if the temperature rises too high and data from previous days are stored too. The device is super comfortable and almost unnoticeable when attached.

3. Jin&Co Accessories Digital Thermometer

jin&Co Accessories Digital Thermometer, Baby Intelligent...

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This smart thermometer from Jin and Co. comes in the form of a jazzy watch that your baby can wear on its writs. It is made from waterproof and durable plastic with a super soft fabric on the underside so as not to irritate your baby’s arm. The temperature is displayed on the dial of the watch digitally as well as being sent to a dedicated monitor app on your phone.

In the unfortunate event that your child does get a high temperature, an alarm will sound and alert you to the danger. The watch will last up to 12 months and weighs as little as 21grams.

4. TempTraq 48-Hour Intelligent Baby Fever Monitor

TempTraq 48-Hour Intelligent Baby Fever Monitor with...

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The TempTraq baby temperature monitor is another wearable device that slips easily under your baby’s arm. It continually senses, records and alerts a child’s temperature through to an app on your mobile device. This app is available for both Android and IOS devices. To maintain the utmost hygiene, the sticky strips are single-use only and can be thrown away after each nightly use.

These strips are FDA approved, latex-free and very soft so as not to irritate the baby’s skin or bother them in any way. The app that accompanies this device is fantastic and displays abundant data about your baby’s vital signs, as well as utilizing cloud storage so you can access and keep the information anywhere.

5. Enfasmart Feversense Continuous Monitoring Digital Thermometer

Enfasmart Feversense Continuous Monitoring Digital...

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Another great wearable smart temperature monitor here from Enfasmart. The pack contains a digital high tech thermometer and soft stick-on patches. It then sends data to your smart app via low energy Bluetooth. The patches are soft and flexible and are BPA free as well as very comfortable to wear.

This product also comes with a base station that helps to boost the Bluetooth signal from the device to your app as well as recharging it. At the bottom of the base station is a compartment to store the sticky patches before use, a useful feature that we really liked.  The monitor itself can last up to 7 days of use before a recharge is needed.

The app is fully customizable and lets you set up all the features just how you like it. You can set up alarms and alerts and read your baby’s data in real-time

6. VICOODA Thermometer for Babies

VICOODA Thermometer for Adults Baby, Basal Bluetooth...

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This wearable smart thermometer for babies is a cool looking watch that has a digital LED display. The watch sits on your baby’s wrist comfortably and displays the temperature as often as every 1 second. The data can be stored on the cloud and in a personalized account. Measurements can be taken in both Fahrenheit and Celsius, depending on your taste.

This is one of the best wearable thermometers for babies and toddlers since the device comes with an extension strap to make it wearable even as they get older. It is manufactured using high durability plastic and fabric to make it long-lasting as well as comfortable to wear.

This thermometer is powered by a small battery that can be easily replaced when needed using a cover on the back of the device.

7. Wearable Smart Banana Thermometer

Digital Wearable Thermometer, Bluetooth Enabled, Mobile...

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Yes, you read that right. This is a wearable banana baby thermometer and it is fantastic! Why not make temperature reading fun with this wacky design? It attaches to your baby’s skin using hydrogel adhesion, a completely safe product. It is fully flexible and durable as well as being waterproof, the foam material makes it very soft and non-toxic as well.

The battery will last over ten days with regular use, and the device even stores data in itself when the smartphone app that accompanies it is disconnected. Temperatures are recorded in real-time and sent to the app, which will alert you when needed as well as displaying the data in graph form. This device features a medical-grade accuracy of temperature sensing that won’t let you down.

8. Majoxin Health Monitor Bracelet Smart Thermometer for Babies

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This temperature and health monitor bracelet from Majoxin is made from a safe and durable plastic with a soft fabric backing that will sit snugly around your baby’s arm. Completely wireless, this bracelet transmits data to a smartphone app only and does not show data on its face.

It is very easy to attach using a clip on the strap and just as easy to remove. The battery sits inside the protective case and can be replaced easily and more importantly cheaply.

Buyers Guide for the Best Thermometer for Babies

We know that the safety of your baby is always a primary concern for you and any parent. The advances in baby monitoring technology have been great in recent years, but those advancements also mean a more complicated set of products that may cause some confusion to first-time buyers and first-time parents. To help you make the right choice when considering purchasing one of these wearables here is what to keep an eye out for.

Design – Take note of the design of the device and check where it is meant to be worn. There are a few variations in baby thermometers these days, the most popular being around the arm in bracelet form or under the arm using sticky pads to hold it in place. Each style has its strengths and what is best for you depends on your child. If your baby is a rough sleeper then the bracelet may be best as it will stay on better. If your baby has delicate skin then the underarm pads will be less irritable.

Smartphone app – Most wearable monitors these days come with a smartphone app that collects and displays the data taken from your baby by the thermometer. These apps can vary in quality. Look out for apps that are well designed and easy to use and most importantly show you vital information in a clear way. The more settings you can change to your liking, the better. Also, make sure the app is available on your chosen phone such as IOS and Android platforms. Apps that make use of the cloud are even better because that will allow you to receive real-time data when you are out of the house and your baby is being taken care of by someone else.

Extra features – Some devices will have extra features that add value. They could measure other vital signs, detect if your baby is cold as well as hot, allow you to set customizable alarms and use cloud computing for remote data sending. Take note of any of these extra features and make sure they will be useful to you. If they are not, they may increase the price of the device needlessly.

Working distance – Every device will read and transmit the data in different ways and have different distances that it can send that data to your smartphone. Be aware of this and tailor your choice to your needs as best you can. Some will only show the data on the device itself and these ones are not suited to any kind of remote monitoring.

Frequently Asked Questions

What type of thermometer is most accurate?

The best wearable thermometers for babies are incredibly accurate. Differently from a regular thermometer, they sense and gather temperature at any given time, thus giving you temperature variations as well as a temperature at one time.

Are wearable thermometers safe for my baby?

Yes, they are all safe to use as long as you follow the guidelines relating to age and usage from the manufacturer. Some designs are made for baby’s over a certain number of weeks of age. We strongly advise that you consult a specialist or expert in the field if you have any questions.

Are wearable thermometers comfortable for my baby?

These devices are designed specifically with the comfort of your baby in mind. Materials are chosen to not irritate or discomfort the child in any way. That being said, every baby is different. It is very important that you consult an expert if you have any concerns about the comfort of your baby when wearing a temperature monitor.