Best Neck Phone Holder

The rapid development of technology generally seems to serve one purpose above all else: to make our lives a little easier. Nowhere does this seem more apparent than when we look at our little phones. From allowing us to make video calls to people living on the other side of the world even when outside to helping us schedule our busy lives with digital calendars, it’s hard to go against this bold claim when we consider the impact our phones have on our daily lives.

However, holding and using a phone can be tricky in certain situations. For instance, holding your phone while driving can be both dangerous and risky to your health, and even when relaxing at home on the sofa and streaming Netflix on your phone, you might find your arms getting sore from all that lifting up.

Finding the ideal angle is truly a task. Thankfully, there is a fix to these little problems: phone holders. You’ll never have to worry about holding your phone even when on the move with these products. Just put them on your neck, slide your phone in and you’ll be all set to go!

Better yet, they’re often very affordable so anyone can get one. Now if you’re sold on the idea of a neck phone holder and want to give it a go, continue reading on to check our reviews of some of the best phone holders out there in the market right now.

Best Neck Phone Holder of 2020

Aduro Phone Neck Holder

Aduro Phone Neck Holder, Gooseneck Lazy Neck Phone Mount to...

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Usable with most types of smartphones that reach 7-inches in size (e.g. the iPhone X), the Aduro is an ideal pick for anyone looking to add something convenient into their daily lives. It’s made out of hugely flexible materials do you’ll be able to adjust it to fit the contours of your neck or your sitting position with ease.

It also comes with 360-degrees of rotation to complement this. Better yet, it’s made out of mainly alloy and high-quality ABS plastic which means that not only is it durable, but it’s also quite comfortable. You’ll also find that you can not only wear this on your neck but can use it as a desk stand or even as a bed stand or anything else for that matter! Your imagination is truly the limit when it comes to the Aduro holder.

B-Land Cell Phone Holder

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Though a little pricier than most options, what you pay for here is for a sturdy product that is built out of top quality aluminum-magnesium alloy that’ll ensure it lasts for years with good care. The B-Land holder is compatible with any mobile device that are 3.3-inches wide at maximum so that means any standard device should work well here.

It also is easily adjustable thanks to its flexible material and gooseneck arm and surprisingly, it isn’t too wobbly when typing or using your phone on the move. Storage is also made easy as it coils up neatly so just chuck it into your bag and get moving!

Note that this only supports phones that are horizontally angled so if you’re looking for something that can vertically position your phone, consider an alternate product.

Upgrade Phone Holder for Bed, B-Land Neck Phone Holder

Upgrade Phone Holder for Bed, B-Land Neck Phone Holder...

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Another great phone holder made by B-Land, this variant is far more flexible and is lengthened to a whopping 140 cm in length instead of 120 cm. You’ll also find it wrapped with a soft, comfortable silicon pad around its gooseneck arm which will ensure that any soreness on your neck is kept at bay even during the longest of sessions.

Any phone up to 3.34 inches in width should easily fit here though like its sibling product, it only supports horizontal positioning. For you, vertical phone users, do look elsewhere. Storage is also easy thanks to the magnetization between the holder and gooseneck and notes that it comes with a complimentary box which can be used as a storage box for the phone holder when not in use.

Now what really sets this product apart is how it comes with a free wireless remote. This little device allows you to take photos/videos with a click of a button even up to 30 feet away!

Chapter Seven Universal Smart Mobile Phone Stand

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Designed first and foremost with comfort and ergonomics in mind, this neck phone holder will not just fit your neck seamlessly but can be adapted to serve a range of other purposes. From being able to be used on your bedside, to your car, to your hands, and even on your deskside table, its flexible build and 360-degree rotation capabilities allow you to adjust it to your daily needs without breaking a single bead of sweat.

So, whether you are looking to use it in the gym or at the office, just bend it into your desired shape and you’ll be set. You don’t have to worry about it snapping too as well as it is made out of 70% aluminum-magnesium alloy so you can rest assured that it is durable above all else.

Any shaking is also made minimal due to its stabilization properties and should you find yourself unhappy for any reason, just pop Chapter Seven a call and they’ll be more than happy to assist you.

Yoyoball8 Flexible Long Arms Stand Clip Holder

Flexible Long Arms Stand Clip Holder,Hanging on Neck...

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Coming in a variety of colors including black, white, pink, and blue, the Yoyoball8 holder offers a universally adapted product that’ll work well with not just mobile devices but with cameras, GPS units, MP3s and even iPads. This is made possible thanks to both its hugely flexible arm and clippers that’ll stretch out to accommodate everything from iPhones to iPads.

Most surprisingly however is that despite this function, it still weighs virtually nothing. At 8 ounces, you could be carrying this in your daily backpack and not even notice its presence. Now we do have to note that it is a little larger than other products on our list so it might be more noticeable to the public eye if you use it outside but don’t let this deter you – it’s still a high-quality product in every other way if you can see past this!

Polifall Upgrade Cell Phone Holder

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The Polifall phone holder is cast out of high-grade aluminum and easily stands as one of the most secure products in the market. With its rubberized grip that securely locks your device into place, you don’t ever have to worry about your phone slipping out – no matter how wet, dry, or even shaky its environment is.

It also is extremely comfortable to the skin when worn thanks to its soft padding on its gooseneck (effectively preventing any soreness over longer usage sessions) and along with its magnesium alloy composition, it maintains a flexible yet sturdy build and will withstand heavy usage for the many years to come.

Now like most holders, it only works if your phone (up to 3.34 inches) is placed horizontally so don’t forget to keep this little point in mind to avoid any disappointment. 

Axgo Lazy Bracket 360 Adjustable Hanging on Neck Cell Phone Stand

Axgo Lazy Bracket 360 Adjustable Hanging on Neck Cell Phone...

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The Axgo holder is capable of being used with any device or tablet that spans up to 8-inches and might be better for those of you with larger devices at hand. Functionally it works just like any other holder on our list: strap it securely around our neck (or on the floor, bedpost, or wherever else), load up your device, and you’re set to go.

Just note that it is fairly thick compared to some other variants due to how it can accommodate tablets so you may be turning an extra head or two when out in public. Storage may not be as seamless as the smaller variants on our list, but it still isn’t anything to fret about, truly.

Composition-wise, it is just as flexible and adjustable as anything else on our list thanks to its aluminum alloy composition, and due to its breathable anti-skid foam, even during the longest of sessions your neck won’t feel the strain thanks to this neat little ergonomic consideration.

Bone Lanyard Phone Tie, Universal Cell Phone Lanyard Case

【Bone】 Lanyard Phone Tie, Universal Cell Phone Lanyard...

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Taking a slightly more unique approach compared to the other products on our list, the Bone Stone holder functions more like a neat necklace than a gooseneck holder. Compatible with virtually any mobile device in the market from Samsung Galaxy Notes to iPhones to even Nexus’s range of mobile devices, any user stands to benefit from this product.

Made out of soft silicone bands that are designed to wrap around smartphones securely, with a device like this you’ll never have to worry about your phone going out of sight or even stolen from your pocket. Insertional and removal is also easy thanks to its quick-release buckle.

Don’t worry about being too tall or short for this product too! Its adjustable slider allows you to make minute adjustable based on your preferences to up to 20 inches. Maintaining the product couldn’t be easier as well. It’s totally ROHS certified and is washable with water – no need to use any fancy chemicals or solutions here.

And best of all, should you find yourself unhappy for any reason, you’ll be pleased to know that it comes with 1 year warranty and access to a lifetime of technical support! Don’t forget that you can use this holder for more than your phone as well – keys, nametags, you name it.

SS Cell Phone Lanyard, Phone Lanyards for Around The Neck

SS Cell Phone Lanyard, Phone Lanyards Adjustable Phone Strap...

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If the above product caught your attention, you should consider the SS Holder as well. Far lighter and affordable and coming in a wider range of colors, this necklace holder will securely keep your device as close to you as possible on your neck or wrist. It functionally operates almost like how a normal wrist bracelet would. At just 0.88 ounces, we guarantee that you won’t even notice it around your neck or wrist even during longer sessions in the day. It features a durable nylon strap that can withstand extreme weights and is so light as to be unnoticeable as well. With a holder like this, you can securely bring your phone on extreme activities like hiking and not have to worry about it slipping from your hands or pockets and suffering from a dent or scratch. So, if you’re planning on jogging with your phone or even going on long walks, a holder like this will keep your phone close to you and almost always in sight, minimizing the risk of both you are dropping it, or it being stolen.


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Do I really need a neck phone holder? I can just use my hands, can’t I?

For the sake of both comfort and security, our answer to this commonly asked question is yes. If you plan on using your phone while driving, your neck holder will not just securely keep your phone in an easy-to-view location but will prevent you from being distracted if you keep your phone on say, your lap.

With road accidents being commonly attributed to mobile phone usage, a neck holder can keep you safer and more importantly, others as well. It also allows you to view your phone at easier to see angles too even at home when you’re lying on bed, chilling by the couch, or when cooking. And best of all, it also keeps your phone safe. 


Which is the best phone holder for me?

There is no one size fits all answer to this question as it depends on each user’s individual set of unique needs. That being said there are always two questions you should keep in mind to determine which holder works best for you. First, ask yourself whether you prefer to place your phone vertically or horizontally.

Not all phone holders accommodate for both – most on our list as you’ve seen only do one of the two. And second, check how big your device is. Each holder can only accommodate a certain range of devices based on its width.

The lighter, more compact of neck holders will fare well only with mobile phones whereas thicker and larger holders can accommodate tablets. Just keep these two questions in mind prior to making any purchase and you won’t ever find yourself disappointed.