Top 4 Best Wearable Display – Buying Guidance in 2020

Wearable display plays important roles in increasing an enjoyable watching experience of 3D television models or personal computers. The item now comes with various models to opt, cheaper technology, and onboard multimedia system that makes it becomes very popular.

If you are looking for the best wearable display to purchase this year, here are some products to help you narrow your choice.

Best Wearable Display of 2020


#1. Samsung SSG-5150GB

Samsung SSG-5150GB 3D Active Glasses

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These smart glasses will be perfect the most for those who love watching movies. The products will make it possible for you to have an excellent movie watching experience since they provide a great field of view. In addition, these wearable displays can produce a stable and solid full HD 3D image that will make movie enthusiasts get excited.

The products are compatible with all series of Samsung 3D television models include D, E, F, H, ES, FH, and EH. Not only that but they are also compatible with the personal computer. The products come with a comfortable and lightweight model to allow you to use them without feeling any fatigue at all as if you wear nothing on your face.

The battery used in this SSG-5150GB is CR1620 with 70 hours of duration so you do not need to replace the batteries frequently. The wearable displays also come with a stylish look and pocket-friendly.

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#2. Chemion Bluetooth LED

CHEMION - Customizable Bluetooth LED Glasses for Raves,...

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If you like something unique that can upgrade your style, this Chemion Bluetooth LED can be the perfect option to take. The products are not only illuminative but they also can be used at night with minimum lighting. The display equipped on the shades will make it possible for you to communicate with other people by texting. Not only for texting but you can also use the items to display animation and drawings.

They also come with a capability to store up to 5 messages each time that can be accessed simply by touching a button. The graphics equalizer provided will allow you to play music and animation. The double AAA batteries used in the smart glasses can last for 8 hours.

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#3. 3M Smart Lens

3M Smart Lens Protective Eyewear, 13407-00000-5...

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The products are mainly aimed to protect your eyes in everyday life or workplace. This 3M Smart Lens will be suitable the most for those who work daily tasks such as sawing, sanding, or machining. Unlike their competitors, these smart glasses can quickly switch to lighten automatically as the weather changes. It is possible to happen due to the unique photochromatic lens applied in the glasses.

The nose bridge of the product is adjustable and soft. Meanwhile, the nylon brow used in this 3M Smart Lens will make you comfortable while wearing them. Another major plus of using the products is the polycarbonate lenses utilized since they can absorb B rays and 99.9% UVA effectively.

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