10 Best Wearable/Portable Translator Devices (Updated)

What is the best wearable translator device 2019? Language is a means of communication; this is something that cannot be denied for sure. However, it doesn’t without any barrier at all. Particularly if you have troubles of not communicating in a certain language while you need to go to the area with that language, a translator device is definitely important.

Interestingly, some of those devices are available in the form of wearable. It makes them easier to wear anywhere and more practical. So, what are they?

Best Wearable Translator Devices of 2020

#1. Buoth Smart Voice Language Translator Device with Camera Translation

Smart Voice Translator Device,82 Languages Instant Two Way...

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The limitation to understand a foreign language is often problematic sometimes. Sure, it is often a barrier when you want to travel abroad in which the destination has a different language from yours. So, what is the best solution? Aside from taking a course of foreign language, you can also buy a language translator device.

One of them is Buoth Smart Voice Language Translator Device (Upgraded). One of the best features offered is camera translation. It means you can take a picture of certain words or sentences you don’t understand. Automatically, they are translated into your language.


There are some adorable features in this product. The size itself is quite small, making it very practical in terms of storage as well as really travel-friendly. Besides, it is a kind of language translator device in two ways. It supports 106 languages and you can submit 2 languages to translate one another. To submit the words or sentences, you can type and use your own voice.

Meanwhile, it features 5 million pixels of the camera with a character recognition feature. This way, you can capture words and sentences you find on the street to be translated as soon as possible. The translations are even equipped with explanations to make you understand the language more. There are many tools of technology to apply here to support the device’s performance. For example, they are independent noise reduction, language accuracy and recognition, a high-definition recording system, and more.

Pros and Cons

The product is really helpful as it can translate from language to another more accurately. Even the camera and recording can function very well and they rarely make errors. The device is very good for many necessities like traveling and even working. Unfortunately, the casing is quite fragile. It is easily broken when falling down and bumping the floor.


#2. Birgus Smart Voice Translator Device with 2.4 Inch High Definition Touch Screen

[Upgraded] Birgus Smart Voice Translator Device with 2.4...

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Do you have a plan to go abroad in the near future? If yes, that’s a good thing for sure. But there is something to know about going to other countries. It understands their languages. Unfortunately, being able to speak in multiple languages is a thing that not all people can do. Aside from practicing a foreign language from now, you can also buy a translator device.

One of them is a product from Birgus, namely Birgus Smart Voice Translator Device.


The product is one of the best multiple language translators in which it supports over 70 languages. It features a two-way translator where you can submit 2 languages to translate from one to another. For example, it is from English to Mandarin and vice versa. The output is in the form of letters and sounds.

To make the product more convenient, it is supported with a 24-inch touch screen. The design is generally very simple, minimalist, and elegant. You can bring it anywhere you want without making your bag feel heavier. The translator is also one of the smart devices in which you can connect it to WiFi to access the internet. There is no need to insert a SIM card or whatever. Meanwhile, the recording component also produces clear and high-definition sounds.

Pros and Cons

The translation device from Birgus is very capable. It translates very fast so that you don’t need to wait for a long time just to see the result. Meanwhile, the design is minimalist and simple as well as it is very lightweight. It reduces noises and keeps the voice clear when you are doing conversations. It is very suitable for your traveling activities. Unfortunately, it still doesn’t feature a camera to capture words or sentences around.

#3. Adelaice Language Translation Device (with 106 Languages)

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Nowadays, it is not that difficult to understand many foreign languages. Well, you don’t even need to take courses of them all. Yes, all you need to have is a language translation device. It is similar to Google Translate but a product consists of the software and hardware at once. From so many translation device products available out there, one of the recommendations is Adelaice Translation Device.

It even provides more languages than other similar products; 106 languages. Besides that, what are other great features provided here? Check them out.


The design which is simple and compact becomes one of factors why this tool is very demanded. Moreover, it is lightweight with a screen size that is relatively big. You can translate words and sentences through some methods. They are by typing the words, using voice translation, and take pictures. The translation process is also quite fast and you can enjoy the result only in a few seconds.

Moreover, the product also features a noise cancelling tool to make your voice sound very clearly even in the crowded area. Adelaice Translation Tool is recommended for many situations whether you want to bring it while traveling or working. Moreover, you can set it up very easily using a menu available on the screen.

Pros and Cons

The product is great with so many languages available there. Moreover, some features are given to make it work better. For example, there are the noise canceling feature, high-definition camera, and many more. Not to forget, it applies a very compact design, making it very practical to bring anywhere. But for the cons, the outer layer seems very fragile. It is cracked only after being hit the floor even if it is not too hard. So, when you choose to buy it, make sure to be very careful in terms of usage.


#4. TESIYI Mini AI Translator Device with Camera Translation

TESIYI Mini AI Translator Device with Camera Translation...

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Particularly when traveling, you may need something more practical to translate from one language to another. So, the recommendation comes from the brand TESIYI. The brand releases a product with the name TESIYI Mini. Interestingly, although the size is quite small, there are some incredible features available.

One of them is the camera translation where it can even detect and read very small letters.


One of the most impressive things about TESIYI Mini is probably the design. It looks modern and minimalist with a flat-square shape featuring a 2.4 inch color touch screen. Slightly, it looks like an iPod anyway. How to translate with it is also very easy. You can simply type words or sentences you need to know what the meaning is. Before that, determine first what languages to translate. Only in seconds, you can just see the result.

Meanwhile, you can also capture words using the camera available. The translation result also can be seen immediately. It provides a high-quality recording system for voice translation. In the system, there are some other components added including for noise reduction. Sure, the voice quality produced is very good and clear. Speaking in different languages can be more understandable this way.

Pros and Cons

The product is great as it covers more than 106 languages and is able to translate them from one to another simply. The touch-screen design also makes the product more convenient to use. for all types of translations, the result is very accurate. Sure, it is much better as it is supported by a travel-friendly design. However, it looks like the device is not really strong. There is no layer or something that protect it from scratches and cracks.


#5. MORTENTR Translator Device Smart Voice Translator

MORTENTR Translator Device Smart Voice Translator with...

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Traveling to other countries is interesting for sure. But it can give you trouble if you cannot speak well in the local language. So, one of the tools you should not miss out is a translator. Many products are available in stores but you must choose the best. So, one of the recommendations is from MORTENTR. What are the specifications, pros, and cons?


Smart Voice Translator is available with a very stylish design with 2 color variants. They are black and white. The touch screen is quite wide; it is around 2.4 inch. Sure, it enables you to feel more flexible when operating it. The tool is also available with a total of 70 languages. It applies the 2-way translation format. Make sure to submit 2 languages first before starting to use it. For example; they are English and Spanish or English with Japanese.

Despite typing words or sentences you want to know the meaning; you can also mention it. Yes, this translator features high recognition ability even if you cannot mention the foreign word clearly. Moreover, it also has a noise reduction, making it very good to bring anywhere, even in crowded places. One more thing, you can connect it to WiFi to get the fastest and real-time translations.

Pros and Cons

Generally, the product is favorable and recommended for any activities, not only traveling but also working. The design is simple and elegant as well as it is lightweight and convenient to carry anywhere. Unfortunately, it still doesn’t feature a camera to capture words and sentences you find on the street.

This way, you must utter the words or type it to know the translator. In other words, it is a little bit less practical.


#6. JoneR Voice Language Translator Device (Support Photo Translation, 3.1-inch Touch Screen)

JoneR Voice Language Translator Device, 2-Year Unlimited...

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Are you looking for a practical translator tool? Currently, there are so many brands that release the product. But sure, not all of them are really recommended for many factors. Yes, some products cannot translate accurately so that words or sentences given are not meaningful. Besides, they also cannot translate quickly just after the words are submitted.

On the other hand, JoneR Voice Language Translator Device may be good for you for some features given.


There are some good features available in the product from JoneR Voice Language Translator Device. It is automatically connected to the internet without you must use WiFi or SIM Card. There are also some methods of translation apply here. They are including voice, type, object recognition, and camera translation. Yes, it is supported by a 13 megapixel camera and OCR recognition technology.

It provides around 55 languages and you can translate them one to another in the 2-way translation method. For the voice translation, it features a high-quality recording system with the noise canceling mics. Aside from all of those benefits mentioned above, you also will be spoiled with the design. The design looks very modern and stylish with its flat-square shape. 2 colors are available as the options; they are black and white.

Pros and Cons

The product is almost perfect; the design is cool and it has been built with an internet tool and network. This way, you can use the translation device anytime and anywhere without any WiFi connection. Meanwhile, the camera works very well and clear. Even the translation result is very accurate no matter what language it is.

Unfortunately, it only provides 55 languages only. Meanwhile, some other translation products are even able to provide at least 76 languages. So, it needs more upgrades for sure.


#7. ILI – Instant Offline Language Translator

ili - Instant Offline Language Translator Device (One-Way...

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ILI is one of the brands that provide a language translator device without needing the internet connection. This way, you can just use it anytime and anywhere even in a remote place without signal. The design is compact and you can just apply something like a tiny rope and wear it just like a necklace.

To use it, you may mention the phrases and this device can just simply translate them to your language or vice versa. It supports three languages to and to be translated from English; Spanish, Chinese, and Japanese. Other features are navigation and maps of important places for dining and shopping during the vacation.


#8. ECVV Smart Real-Time Translation Device

ECVV Smart Real-time Translator Device, 2 Way Language...

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This is another smart translator that is also functioned as an MP3 player. You should not worry since you are not looking like using a translator device by applying the headset. The wearable device from ECVV is touch screened with cool and compact design to wear and bring anywhere.

Interestingly, the brand makes you sure that this series is able to translate from one language to another real time. It is also compatible with voice and text translation. So, it is reasonable to say that the product from ECVV is the best wearable translator device.


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#9. JOYSAE Pocket Smart Language Translator Device

Language Translator Device Smart–JOYSAE Intelligent Two...

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This product is functioned like an MP3 or music device. Indeed, it features this function as well along with the headset inside the package. But you should not miss out the main function as the translator. Moreover, this wearable device features 83 languages with the two-way translation process.

The design is really cool and elegant. Offline instant translate and WIFI hotspot. Although it is basically a voice translator, you can use it as a fast-responded text translator as well.


#10. Reading Pen 2

This pen is not a conventional pen since you can do many things with it. Sure, the main feature is the translation feature you can record or type on it. This way, you can get the translations in the form of sounds and letters. The product also enables you to scan whether single words or full lines of text. Meanwhile, it is able to detect the letters in distances.

The way to use it is really easy with its touch screen and some buttons around. For power, it applies 2 AAA batteries. Make sure to bring the charger or the backup battery when you are doing the vacation.