Top 5 Best Wearable Translator Devices to Buy in 2019


What is the best wearable translator device 2019? Language is a means of communication; this is something that cannot be denied for sure. However, it doesn’t without any barrier at all. Particularly if you have troubles of not communicating in a certain language while you need to go to the area with that language, a translator device is definitely important. Interestingly, some of those devices are available in the form of wearable. It makes them easier to wear anywhere and more practical. So, what are they?

1. ILI – Instant Offline Language Translator

ILI is one of the brands that provide a language translator device without needing the internet connection. This way, you can just use it anytime and anywhere even in a remote place without signal. The design is compact and you can just apply something like a tiny rope and wear it just like a necklace.

To use it, you may mention the phrases and this device can just simply translate them to your language or vice versa. It supports three languages to and to be translated from English; Spanish, Chinese, and Japanese. Other features are navigation and maps of important places for dining and shopping during the vacation.

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2. Reading Pen 2

This pen is not a conventional pen since you can do many things with it. Sure, the main feature is the translation feature you can record or type on it. This way, you can get the translations in the form of sounds and letters. The product also enables you to scan whether single words or full lines of text. Meanwhile, it is able to detect the letters in distances.

The way to use it is really easy with its touch screen and some buttons around. For power, it applies 2 AAA batteries. Make sure to bring the charger or the backup battery when you are doing the vacation.

3. Portable Smart Voice Multi-Language Translator

This translator device is not only for vacation but also for other necessities including business, study, and many more. Interestingly, it features over 30 languages all around the world and you can translate them one to another. The design is simple and compact. It can be worn by adding a small rope just like a necklace when you need to walk around.

Similar to the previous products, it features the translation process through sound and text. Meanwhile, you can just connect it via Bluetooth with other devices. For voice recognition, it is possible for the distance up to 2 meters. More than that, the translator is proven to be durable as well as it is rechargeable.

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4. Pocket Smart Language Translator Device

This product is functioned like an MP3 or music device. Indeed, it features this function as well along with the headset inside the package. But you should not miss out the main function as the translator. Moreover, this wearable device features 40 languages with the two-way translation process.

The design is really cool and elegant. Some other features available are WiFi. Although it is basically a voice translator, you can use it as a fast-responded text translator as well.

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5. ECVV Smart Real-Time Translation Device

This is another smart translator that is also functioned as an MP3 player. You should not worry since you are not looking like using a translator device by applying the headset. The wearable device from ECVV is touch screened with cool and compact design to wear and bring anywhere.

Interestingly, the brand makes you sure that this series is able to translate from one language to another real time. It is also compatible with voice and text translation. So, it is reasonable to say that the product from ECVV is the best wearable translator device.

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