Top 3 Best Wearable Baby Monitor Devices

Having a baby is indeed a challenge for some parents. The most common problem is the worry since they cannot see the baby anytime. It happens commonly when both parents are working outside. Fortunately, there is now a wearable technology that enables you to control your baby. Some brands even have released the products to buy. So, what are among those brands considered the best? Here are the top 5 products.

Mimo Smart Baby Monitor Starter Kit

Mimo is a company that is based in the US. Recently, the team from Mimo has released the Smart Baby Monitor Starter Kit in the market. The kit is including baby clothes, bluetooth transmitter, cable, USB cable, and more. The kit can be directly integrated into Smartphone.

Using the help from this device, you can simply monitor your baby and all the activities he or she does. The app must be installed first and this app supports both Android and iOS platforms. Aside from knowing what the baby does, this product is also able to detect whether the baby is sleeping or not, body temperature, voice, position, heartbeat, and breathing rate.

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Mother and 4 Motion Cookies Versatile Sensor

Similar to the Mimo’s product, Mother and 4 Motion Cookies Versatile Sensor enables you to stay connected to your baby and children. There are clothing products that are integrated into the Smartphone. This way, the baby’s activities can be monitored and controlled well. The app is compatible with iOS, Android, and Windows devices.

Interestingly, this wearable also lets you know who comes and goes from the baby nursery. There are alerts if there is a problem as well as reminders of activities that you have set before. It features batteries that are last for around a year.

Sproutling Baby Monitor

It is common for a baby to wear something like a cute bracelet on one of the hands or ankles. Well, if in the past, the bracelet is only functioned as accessories, in this modern day, it has some more functions. The bracelet can also be used to monitor the baby including the heartbeat rate, temperature, movement, position, and more.

More than that, there are some unique features that you may only find in Sproutling Baby Monitor. The size of the product can be set up along with the baby’s growth. It is able to be recharged using the wireless feature. Meanwhile, the alerts and notifications are easy to set up. The product is compatible with iOS and Android.

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MonBaby Breathing & Movement Smart Baby Monitor

The product from MonBaby is simple as it is only in the form of a button that can be simply attached and removed from the baby clothes. Being connected to the iOS and Android devices, this baby monitor wearable is able to track the breathing rate, heartbeat, sleep position, movement, and more.

There are alerts if the baby is in certain conditions or problems. The alerts are also sent when the monitor detects someone comes closer to him or her. The battery is available for two months only. Sure, you can replace it immediately with the new one.

Owlet Baby Care

Owlet Baby Care is in the form of socks. In term of Smartphone integration, it only works for iOS devices. Meanwhile, it can also work by itself through the monitoring system available in the package.

Some features are available here. The product enables you to track and monitor the heart rate, temperature, position, movement, and oxygen level in the nursery. There are alarm alerts for some problems. Meanwhile, the product is better to use by the baby from 0 to 12 month old.

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