Top 5 Best Wearable Metronome to Buy in 2020

Metronome is a tool that is needed to determine tempo while playing musical instruments. Because the sounds produced are similar to one another, metronome products in the market may look the same. However, choosing the right metronome is really important to help you more capable of instruments.

Talking about the digital metronome, there is now also the type of wearable metronome. It means that the metronome can be worn on your body like in the form of a bracelet, watch, and even jacket. What are the best ones? Here they are:

1. Soundbrenner Pulse

Soundbrenner Pulse | Smart, Vibrating & Wearable Metronome |...
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In general, Soundbrenner Pulse is a smartwatch-metronome series from the brand Soundbrenner. It works by producing vibration. The vibration of Soundbrenner Pulse is claimed to be 7 times better and more powerful than the average digital metronome vibration produced by some Smartphone apps. It enables you to create Custom Rhythm including time signatures and subdivisions.

Other features are Multiplayer Synchronization, Rhythm and Set list Library, MIDI DAW support, and more. The design is trendy and many musicians give positive reviews regarding the products. In other words, this one is highly recommended.


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2. Korg TM-50

Korg TM60BK Tuner and Metronome Combo with Clip on...
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Many people may say that this product is not yet included in the wearable category. However, for its ability to be hung just like a necklace, seeing Korg TM-50 as a wearable metronome is not wrong. This product is a combination of metronome and tuner to improve your music skills particularly in terms of tone pitch and rhythm.

You can even use these two functions both simultaneously and independently. The rhythm is varied starting from the simple to complex taps. This way, you can learn about many genres whether it is classic, rock, or jazz.


3. Seiko SQ50-V

Soundbrenner Pulse | Smart, Vibrating & Wearable Metronome |...
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Similar to Soundbrenner Pulse, it gives you signs of tempo in the form of vibration. The vibration is powerful and you can just feel it easily even if you are using it along with playing music. The main feature of this product is the digital drum.

The product is a so-called wearable as it is produced to be worn in your hands. There are 2 drum pads and two-foot pedals to be simply tapped using only their hands. It features a technology that enables a musician to control more than 300 music apps in both PC and Smartphone

4. Machina Midi Jacket

Have you ever thought that there is a music device in the form of a jacket? Yes, the brand of Machina has recently released a jacket product for musician namely Machina Midi Jacket. Slightly, there is nothing special from this jacket. Well, the jacket is trendy but not more than that.

After you have realized that this jacket has been programmed to be a MIDI-controlled wearable, you may adore it so much.There are some features that are needed by musicians to make their projects run in a better way. Those features are an accelerometer, push buttons, a joystick, and of course, a digital metronome. It is possible for the wearer to raise the volume only by raising their arms and more.

5. Mi.Mu

Mi.Mu is another music wearable product you can try. It is produced under the idea of Imogen Heap, a British renowned songwriter. This wearable is in the form of a pair of gloves. By using it, there are some actions you can do. They are including turning data into MIDI and managing the tempo just like the conventional metronome.

Heap doesn’t design and develop this product instantly. There are many steps she must pass through including analyzing movements and gestures to make the sound and music more controllable. Besides, there is also software with a complex algorithm developed to meet musicians need in creating and playing music.

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