Quell Wearable Pain Relief Starter Kit Review

The term wearable has been popular in some recent years. It refers to devices with high technology that can be worn in our body just like conventional clothes and accessories. For example, there is Smartwatch where you can use it to make a call, send messages, predict the weather, and more. However, have you ever thought that some types of wearable are basically functioned for health?

Quell 1.0 Pain Relief Technology, 2016 Version, Black

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Quell is one of the health wearable products that offer many benefits for the users. This product is released by Neurometrix Company, a company that works in the area of pain relief. Quell itself is in the form of a large bracelet that can be worn in the calf. This pain problem is generally suffered by athletes or people who do regular exercises and workouts.

Quell basically works by stimulating feet nerves that lead to the release of Endogenous Opioid hormone. This hormone is a natural pain relief so that all the pain and uncomfortable feeling in your body can be blocked. This explanation is given by Frank McGilling, the senior vice president of Neurometrix to Miami.com. Sure, the nerve manipulation system is only controlling the natural pain relief when it is needed. Some problems that can be cured using this tool are arthritis, nerve pain, fibromyalgia, diabetic neuropathy, rheumatic pain, and back pain.

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The release of the product is for some reasons. In the US, the data shows that more than 100 million people are suffered from various chronic pains. The most common solution is by consuming pills and drugs for pain relief. However, there are some side effects for sure. For example, ibuprofen products namely OAINS cause addiction and depression.
Quell Features

First, Quell is 100% free from the drug. The bracelet works by pressing the painful area and the technology applied in it is able to stimulate the nerve. Based on the recommendation from the FDA, you can use the product wherever and whenever you need it. It is even possible to use during the exercises without giving further problems. Some users also prefer wearing Quell at night when they are sleeping. Indeed, at night, the pain is commonly felt the most and it is really disturbing. This way, Quell is a good solution for this.

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Quell 1.0 Pain Relief Technology, 2016 Version, Black
  • Advanced prescription strength TENS, now even works with your Apple Watch
  • Relieves chronic leg, foot and knee pain

Second, it is regarding the Bluetooth feature. As it has been mentioned above, Quell is a kind of wearable, meaning there is high technology in it. Using the Bluetooth connection, this bracelet is able to connect to your Smartphone. Of course, you need to install the app first. You can control and customize therapy directly from your device.

Third, this product is designed for chronic pain treatment. It doesn’t mean that mild pain cannot be cured using Quell. However, it is indeed more recommended if your pain problem has been severe. To know how to use it well, you can read the instruction. It is clearly mentioned there how to use the product when your pain is mild or severe.

Fourth, Quell is comfortable even if you need to wear it all day long. For calves and arms, the bracelet can just be wrapped around there. Meanwhile, it is simply attached to the flat areas like back. It is thin and not visible under clothes. One more thing, this product is rechargeable.
Pros and Cons

Pros and Cons of the product are as follow.

For the pros, it is quite effective for many people without side effects, easy to use, flexible, and not visible. Sure, you can save your money more since you only need to recharge it before usage. Meanwhile, the cons are mainly regarding the Bluetooth connections that sometimes cannot work well.




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