The Best Wearable/Portable Glucose Monitor to Maintain Your Blood Sugar

Living with diabetes is a little bit easier nowadays along with a glucose monitor. By using this gadget, a diabetes sufferer is able to control their glucose level in the most comfortable way anytime and anywhere.

Because of the gadget, you are able to detect your health condition, especially to stabilize blood glucose level to prevent any unwanted health problems. It is easy to find glucose monitor in the market but we want to share the best wearable glucose monitor with its ability to detect blood glucose level accurately.

Dexcom G5 CGM System

Dexcom G5 Transmitter

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It is a recommended glucose monitor and considered as the best wearable glucose monitor because the product has been approved by the FDA. This glucose monitor is designed in the form of a smartwatch and can be connected to your smartphone. The system helps to find out your blood glucose information real-time every 5 minutes for 24 hours.

The device consists of three different parts which are a small sensor, transmitter, and receiver or smart device. The small sensor is used to measure the glucose level underneath the skin. The transmitter sends the data to the device wirelessly whereas the small receiver displays the glucose information. The information is stated in a clear color so you can see exactly the blood glucose level.

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Dario Smart Glucose Metre

DARIO Blood Glucose Monitor Kit Test Your Blood Sugar Levels...

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If you want to find a flexible wearable glucose monitor, Dario Smart Glucose Metre will be the answer. It is a pocket-sized device and you can connect the system to your beloved smartphone. This device is supported by several important parts such as a lancing device and unit plugs to connect to a smartphone. The result will be transferred to your smartphone or iOS via Dario app. Anytime you want to check your glucose level, you just need to open the app and then read the detail.

One Touch Verio Sync

OneTouch Verio Flex Glucose Monitoring System (1)

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This wearable glucose monitor is supported by test strips which have FAD-GDH enzyme on it. You just need to put a drop of your blood to the test strip. Then, put the strip to the One Touch Verio Sync device and it is calculating the blood sugar level automatically. This is a compact device but it is able to save up to 500 test results.

The most important thing, the result can be transferred to your beloved gadgets including iPod touch, iPhone, and iPad via Bluetooth. Furthermore, you can also see the result via a computer or PC but you have to download the result first before seeing the detail.

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iBG Star Blood Glucose Monitoring System

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Similar to the other glucose monitors mentioned above, iBGStar is also able to transfer the result to the iPhone and iPod. You can also download the app first and then check it via smartphone. The way to use the device is simple in which you just need to plug the glucometer into the headphone jack of the smartphone. Then, take your blood and put in the test strip. Insert the test strip to the iBGStar and let the system read the detail.

The system is able to read and preview the result in a few seconds. The result will be transferred to your mobile phones. The design is the best part of this device and because of that, iBGStar won several awards including the Red Dot Design Award and Good Design Award.

One thing for sure is that you can live with diabetes better than before. At least, you can control your blood sugar level anytime and anywhere you want to keep it at the normal level. You can also bring the best glucose monitor anywhere you want and use it anytime. The most interesting point, you can see the result accurately only from your beloved smartphone.


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