What You Must Know about the Wearable Technology

Many people predict that smartwatch will become the new mobile device that can replace the Smartphone. This device was born because of the fast development of wearable technology. However, the wearable technology here doesn’t limit to the smartwatch. It is more than that. So, what is wearable technology?

About Wearable Technology

Wearable technology can be said to be the technology that connects you as a person with your gadget in a more intimate way. In more simple words, this technology will turn your device become part of you. Currently, most of the device that categorized to be the wearable device is only available in limited forms, such as:

  • Smartwatch – you wear a watch-shape device, which has many functions, from fitness function to entertainment,
  • Head mounted display – you must familiar with the virtual reality glasses/devices. That is one of these wearable types. Basically, this device will block the outer world and provide access to the virtual world.
  • Smart clothing – it is similar to smartwatch; however, it is designed in the shape of clothing product. Nowadays, you can find the fashion line that also adds smart technology on their product. However, in the sports world, this wearable device has been used for a long time ago. Mostly, it is used to track the athlete condition, movement, and many more, to provide data to create a proper training program for them.

Basically, those three are the common wearable device and technology we can find today. Maybe, you also wear them every day. However, in the future, wearable technology will be changed into a more advanced version. We are talking about the implantable device here.

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Wearable Technology in The Future

Actually, the implantable device has been used in many parts of our life. One of them is in the military. Many soldiers have been implanted with a special device that can detect their location, health condition, and whether they are still alive or not. This is a very special and useful device that can help the soldier to survive on the battlefield. Moreover, if they have a problem, the help also can be sent as soon as possible. In short, it will minimize casualty.

But, the wearable technology in the future will grow even further. Basically, people can do many things with their wearable device/implant. The wearable device won’t only be able to tell them about fitness condition or a new message from your friend. It also can help you to pay, find the place easily, and ask anything that you want and more.

Autonomous maybe is the correct word to describe where today’s wearable technology is going to. You just wear it and it will do everything that you need for you.

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It sounds impossible and just like a sci-fi movie. But, we all know that all kinds of future things that the sci-fi movie in the past display, actually become reality today. So, we can say that it is also the same as wearable technology. Maybe, it looks impossible to find today. But, several years later, we can easily buy it from the store. Just wait and see.

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