The Pros and Cons of Wearable Technology in the Workplace

As wearable technology increases in this era, we have to be critical of the pros and cons of wearable technology in the workplace. Smart watches, smart glasses, wearable scanners, and so on are slowly moving into the workplace to make it easier for employees to do their work. These products make it easier for a company to thrive. But surely everything has its pros and cons.

The Pros

It will Increase productivity

Wearable devices in the workplace can increase employee productivity by means of helping them complete certain job functions faster and more efficiently. For example, employees in a retail company can easily look up a product and its price on a wearable device as they’re with a customer. No more looking through pieces of paper or trying hard to remember those prices because technology has made it easy for you.

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It can increase employee satisfaction rates

Resources such as wearable technology that make things easier for employees to do their job will ultimately increase their satisfaction rate. Happy and satisfied employees will in turn make them more productive at work. So, of course you can never go wrong with these wearable technologies.

Improving employee’s wellness, fitness, and safety

Other than job-related functions, wearable devices in the workplace can also have health tracking functions. For example, some devices can track steps taken and heart rates of the employees while they are at work. Then these devices will notify the employees if they need to be more active. Not just that, some devices can also notify employees when their physical safety is at risk. For example, when they’re lifting something inappropriately or sitting down for too long. Therefore, it will definitely increase the employees’ fitness and overall health.

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The Cons

Because this article is titled “The Pros and Cons of Wearable Technology in the Workplace”, it would not be complete without discussing the cons. So, these are some of the cons of wearable technology in the workplace

The price

The price of most wearable technology is decreasing every year. But the devices are also upgrading each and every year. That’s why you’re going to end up spending more money to implement new systems and new devices. Some devices can also cost a lot of money.

It can prove to be a distraction as well

Wearable devices can increase productivity in the workplace, but it can also have the potential to provide distractions for the employees. Especially when those devices are connected to the internet. Your employees might surf the internet rather than work on those deadlines.


The data that are saved in wearable devices must be kept secure and safe. Nowadays, hackers have ways to obtain private data for their personal gain. Wearing a wearable device have the potential for private data such as personnel files, financial records, and many more to be compromised.

As we have said before, everything has its pros and cons. Wearable technology in the workplace might benefit a company tremendously, but it also comes with its downside. That is why we need to consider the pros and cons of wearable technology in the workplace before actually implementing them.

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