Best Wearable Fan of 2020

Unless you’re a penguin in disguise somehow using the internet and live on an iceberg in Antarctica, chances are you have probably experienced how uncomfortable a heaty summer’s day can be. Under such terrible conditions, even the most simply of daily tasks can feel like an absolute chore to complete.

While the ideal solution to these heaty problems would be to lock yourself in a comfortable airconditioned room, not everyone’s house comes equipped with an AC unit and you’ll probably need to step out of your room every now and then to do your groceries, get to class and so on. If only we had some sort of portable device that could stop us from overheating!

Luckily, we actually do in fact, and they come in the form of wearable fans. They are a wonderfully simple yet effective device that can grant a moment’s comfort during hot days. All that’s required of the user is to charge it up, put it on and switch the power on.

While the actual design of wearable fans is simple on paper, they are a huge variety of devices out there that all seem to do the same thing but in entirely different ways from the material used to the manner in which they are worn. So, to guide you through this market, we’ve complied and reviewed six of the most popular products out there for your reference.

Best Wearable Fans

Travelon 3-Speed Folding Fan

Travelon 3-Speed Folding Fan,White,One Size

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Starting our list with a hugely affordable entry, Travelon’s 3-speed folding fan makes for an excellent choice for any user who intends to spend any portion of their summer outside their cool home. It also can be used in two unique ways: you can either prop it up on a desk as you would with any normal fan, or you can wear it around your neck to bring it around your travels.

It’s small, compact, and decently powered so you’ll be able to slip this onto just any bag or just hang it around your neck without suffering from any noticeable discomfort.

Further, it’s battery life – powered by four AAA batteries – is also very solid and can last for entire weeks of use of end. You’ll even be able to adjust the angle of the fan to up to 180 degrees in relation to its base, so you don’t have to worry too much about the positioning of this fan.

Now while this product isn’t anywhere close to replacing your home’s AC unit, it would make for a perfect companion for when you have to step outside!


WOWGO Hand Free Mini USB Personal Fan

Hand Free Mini USB Personal Fan - Rechargeable Portable...

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Now if you’re not looking for a two-in-one sort of fan like the Travelon and are fully committed to a fan that is only effective when worn, we would be more than happy to point you in the direction of WOWGO’s Hand Mini USB Personal Fan. This slick and aesthetic neck fan allows you to enjoy the full brunt of its cooling without the need to use your hands at all.

It also is highly adjustable, capable of rotating to a full 360-degrees and even comes with three in-built speed settings from low to high which allow you to play around with it based on your preferences and the weather.

In terms of weight, it comes at around 250g so whether you’re just walking down the street, browsing the web on your computer at home or lifting weights at the gym, you’ll be able to put this on and carry on uninterrupted with your daily life. The motor on the fan is also entirely mutable and has been reported to last up to 7-hours on full charge so if you think this is for you, you shouldn’t hold back.


AITIME Portable Mini Neck Fan

AITIME Hand Free Personal Neckband Fan - Portable Mini...

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Sharing roughly the same overall design as Ventertop’s Fan, AITIME’s Hand Free Personal Neckband Fan offers a similar cooling experience but especially shines when it comes to its long-lasting battery life, though it is admittedly slightly more expensive than its counterpart.

Coming in either white, pink, blue or black, this device operates with a seven-leaf fan blade which sets it apart from most of the competition through its far superior fan power. It even comes with both adjustable fan speed settings from low to high along with the full 360-degree angle adjustability, so you’ll easily be able to optimize this product to fit your personal preferences.

Now going back to its battery, it runs on a 1200mAh rechargeable battery which translates to up to 10 whole hours of constant use. We imagine this should be just about enough for any ser to get them through an entire day of summer! Just don’t forget to charge it up fully before leaving your room otherwise you’ll be in for a very sweaty time.


Charmsamx Hand Free Rechargeable Neck Fan

Hand Free Rechargeable Neck Fan 1800mAh Battery Operated USB...

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Easily sitting as the most expensive wearable fan on our list, we can absolutely assure you that Charmsamx’s Hands Free Rechargeable Neck Fan will offer you an experience that is second to none. Coming in either black or white, if there was such a thing as ‘industrial-standard’ for wearable fans, this would easily be able to nab that label.

Its design is clean and slick and undoubtedly looks like a premium product. When worn, it comfortably fits around the neck just as any necklace would. Once charged up turned on, you’ll be immediately met with a noticeably strong, cool yet quiet breeze from its powerful dual fans while any excess heat on your neck will be gradually be dissipated by the intentionally empty spacing between your neck and the back of the fan.

The best thing yet is that despite its seemingly power-hungry design, you’ll easily be able to squeeze out up to 8-hours of constant usage! Regardless, this product is quite expensive (in terms of wearable fans) but if you do have the money and truly feel that you need such a product, you don’t need to think twice.


LiyuanQ Hand Free Neck Fan

LiyuanQ Hand Free Neck Fan USB Rechargeable Portable Sport...

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If you enjoy the dual functionality of the Travelon and the necklace-like wearability of the Ventertop, then LiyuanQ’s Hands Free Fan will be more than appropriate for you. First and foremost, you will notice that its support handle is entirely flexible and can be bent into any shape.

So, whether you want to shape the fan to serve as a desk fan or even a necklace, with a few motions of your hands you will easily be able to do so. It also offers the full 360-degree rotation – great for different fan angles – and comes equipped with a solid battery life of up to 8 hours along with adjustable speed settings to match how hot or cool you feel on any given day.

However, one little caveat for you to note is that it isn’t the easiest thing to shape. When reviewing the product, we’ve noticed that it can be a little shaky and unstable if unadjusted improperly though we don’t imagine this would be a big problem after some practice!


Woeau Wearable Personal USB Small Fan

Wearable Personal USB Small Fan, Mini Handheld Fan, 360...

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The last product on our list may just be the most unique and cutest of them all – you don’t wear Woeau’s Fan on your neck or head, instead you strap it onto your wrist! Just as compact, slick and lightweight as the other products on our list, you’ll find portability to be a breeze when it comes to this product as you’ll be able to use it either on the go or set it on a table when seated.

What it gains in portability however, it most certainly does not sacrifice in terms of functionality. You’ll still be able to receive maximum airflow and cooling and will ever be able to adjust your speed settings to match your needs. Even when it comes to battery, we don’t imagine this paling in comparison to its competitors as we managed to record 7-hours of solid usage with this device.

Now it may be a relatively new entrant onto the wearable fan market but if you’re looking for something that’s not a necklace, you’ve absolutely found your match.

Four Things to Consider in a Wearable Fan

Weight and Size:

When it comes to weight, any halfway decent wearable fan should be unnoticeable by you after you get used to it. Chances are, if you do notice a burden on your neck or wrist, the fan you have is a tad bit too heavy.

Likewise, size would also be a key factor – if you plan on taking this with you on longer trips (e.g. long-haul flights) then you should definitely look for something small ad compact that won’t hinder your overall journey negatively.


When shopping for a wearable fan an equally important factor to consider is its battery-life. Can you just imagine yourself walking home after a hot day of work just have your fan go totally dry halfway through your journey? Well I for one can and have experienced such a thing and assure you that this is not a pleasant experience for anyone.


When you look at design of any product, you should always remember that this is a highly subjective thing. Some people may love the feeling of a wearable fan on their neck while others would prefer to wear it on their wrists.

Regardless, you can’t really go wrong with any of these designs so long as you go for something that makes you, the user, happy at the end of the day. So just think about this hard and act upon your own preferences instead of following what’s popular and you should be set.


The overall fan power of a wearable fan essentially translates to its effectiveness. It doesn’t matter where you wear it, how cute it looks or how much you even pay, if it doesn’t cool you properly, it’s good as useless. On this note, before making any big purchases, make sure you also consider how powerful the fan can be (e.g. look at the RPMs) and then decide as to whether it’s enough for you – I personally go for the strongest I can find!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

I sweat a lot especially during hot days – will this reduce the lifespan of my wearable fan?

Any halfway decent product should be resistant to any copious amount of sweat. Not all products however are entirely waterproof, but they should not face any difficulty when it comes to managing this. A good fan after all, should prevent such profusive sweating but we still suggest that you check on the label of whatever product you decide to purchase to double check!