Best Wearable Blood Pressure Monitor

Globally, high blood pressure affects well over a billion people. This means that in one every four men and one in every five women suffer from this problem according to the WHO.

So what? You may ask – well, having high blood pressure exposes you to an endless list of health conditions include heart attacks, heart failures and strokes. Now, while it was once known as a silent and deadly killer, with the leaps and bounds made by medical, knowing whether you have high blood pressure is now just as easy as talking a walk down to the local barber.

All you have to do is book an appointment at your local clinic, get checked and you’re good to go! But wait you add, what if I don’t have the time to visit a doctor or worse yet, what if I’m scared and stressed out about going to a hospital?

Thankfully you need not worry any further as the solution to your problem can be alleviated with wearable blood pressure monitors which allow you to track your blood pressure anywhere and anytime – from the comfort of your home all the way down to your local gym.

This is where we come in. The market for these devices is dense. There are countless products out there that all look the same and seem to do the same thing but make no mistake, every product is unique in its own right. So, check out our list below to read all about some of the best products in the market!

Best Wearable Blood Pressure Monitors

Omron M7 Intelli IT Upper Arm Blood Pressure Monitor

Omron M7 IT HEM-7322T-E Blood Pressure Monitor

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While this monitor may be unassuming and deceptively simple-looking, the universally loved Omron M7 offers a whole host of neat functions to any user. These include a crystal-clear and easy-to-read backlit display, full synchronization with any Android or iOS smartphone and even allows multiple users to track and record their blood pressure.

Further, not only is it able to measure a blood pressure range of 0 – 299 mmHg but its cuff size goes all the way up to 42 cm, which should be able to accommodate just about anybody. It doesn’t stop there – the Omron M7 is also able to measure your blood pressure almost anywhere on your upper arm thanks to its 360-degree capabilities.

This means that the risk of measuring my vitals incorrectly is minimized. Now don’t get us wrong – this isn’t a beautiful product by any means, but it will do the job reliably for just about anyone.


Omron 7 Series Wrist Blood Pressure Monitor

Omron 7 Series Wrist Blood Pressure Monitor; 100-Reading...

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Staying true to the vein of Omron products but going down a rung on the ladder of price, the Omron 7 Series is a fine alternative product. Functionally speaking, it is absolutely able to measure the same range as it’s sibling product, the M7, but where it truly shines is in how it  is able to store up to 100 units of blood pressure measurements.

We emphasize that this is more than adequate for the average user and would easily allow any user to clearly keep track of their health overtime. With its ability to readily alert users on any indications of irregular heartbeats and light indicators to show when one’s wrist is properly strapped on for accurate measurements, precision is absolutely a non-issue when it comes to this monitor.


Care Touch Fully Automatic Wrist Blood Pressure Cuff Monitor

Care Touch Fully Automatic Wrist Blood Pressure Cuff Monitor...

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If you are looking for both a highly affordable yet accurate monitor, then look no further. Care Touch’s Wrist Monitor offers a monitor that is one of the most accurate out in the market and coupled with its strong emphasis on portability through its lightweight design and complementary set of batteries -, it’s a steal for just about anyone at its price point.

It doesn’t just stop there though; it even comes fitted with a crystal-clear, large, backlit LCD display which can be easily read even in the dimmest of lights or with poor eyesight and is programmed to immediately warn you if any irregularities are detected in your measurements. Making measurements with this monitor only takes a minute at max so even those with the busiest of schedules should be able to make time to check on their health.

Though it may not be as aesthetically pleasing or comfortable as the other products, it’ll do the job for just about any average user!


MOCACuff Bluetooth Blood Pressure Monitor

MOCACuff Bluetooth Blood Pressure Monitor, Wireless Fully...

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Now as a breather let’s take a quick step back away from arm-based monitors for a second. The MOCACuff is an FDA-approved, slick looking wrist-based device that boasts both ease of use through its intuitive design and comfort to any user with its soft materials.

It also is liked with its own unique app, the MOCACARE App, which lets you record your daily measurements and then visualize your results into graphical format (e.g. tables and charts) and over averages (either days, weeks, months).

Additionally, much like a Fitbit or Apple Watch, you will be entirely able to input your own sleep patterns, exercise routines and calories consumed to keep tabs on your overall health if you can put in the extra effort.


BORYUNG A&D Heart Blood Pressure Screen Monitor

BORYUNG A&D Medical Automatic Digital Compact Heart Blood...

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Coming only in pristine white, the BORYUNG A&D follows in the vein of the MOCACuff in terms of design: a strapped-on monitor attached to an arm band. It does, however, err on the more expensive side of things but we think this is justified for what you get out of it.

Produced by one of the leading pharmaceutical companies in South Korea, this device is not just clinically validated to pinpoint accuracy. You’ll be able to measure your blood pressure and detect any irregular rhythms with ease and view your results almost instantaneously.

You’ll even be able to store your historical readings of up to 30 records and will be able to compare them with WHO guidelines! It comes with a storage case as well so with proper care, this device can last you for the long years to come.


RENPHO Blood Pressure Monitor Upper Arm for Home Use

Bluetooth Blood Pressure Monitor, RENPHO Upper Arm BP...

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Simplicity, portability and elegance are at the core of RENPHO’s Blood Pressure Monitor. Coming in just one color (clean white), it’s a straightforward product able to take accurate measurements that can store up to two user’s data at up to 120 readings each.

The unique feature in this device is how it comes with an automated voice along with calming music. To maximize the accuracy of the measurements, by using its soothing voice and pleasant music, it will let users feel at ease.

All you have to do is strap on the device, press start, and you’ll be on your way to being presented with easy-to-read results which you’ll be able to store, view for your perusal. It also is quite a comfortable product to use, being able to accommodate up to 40cm in circumference of upper arms and is fairly light so you’ll be able to bring this along with you without much hassle.


Beurer BM55 Upper Arm Blood Pressure Monitor

Beurer BM55 Blood Pressure Machine – XL Backlit Display,...

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Designed clearly with slickness in mind, this device looks like something that could be found in any sci-fi film. Compared to the other devices on our list, this product is relatively more compact in comparison but make no mistake – it doesn’t sacrifice any functionality with its minimalist design and black-and-white backlit display.

All it takes is a simple press on the ‘power’ button and you’ll be able to get accurate readings thanks to its it’s German, medically engineered technology. It even comes with a Patented Rest Indicator which displays whether or not your body is relaxed, which of course is vital for accurate results!


iProven Blood Pressure Cuff Wrist

iProven Blood Pressure Cuff, Automatic Wrist Blood Pressure...

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If you’re not too concerned about having a blood pressure monitor that comes in a single piece and just want something affordable and accurate, the iProven Monitor will be more than appropriate. Coming in either blue or white, it operates on a one-touch system so all you need to do is equip it properly and press a single button.

Even putting it on should be fairly easy given its Universal Cuff which is able to accommodate a generous range of arm circumferences. It also comes with included batteries and a very large display that makes for effortless reading! And if warranty is your concern, you’ll be pleased to know that you’ll be protected for up to 100 days after making your purchase.


Blood Pressure Monitor for Home Use

Blood Pressure Monitor for Home Use with Large LCD...

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In the world of blood pressure monitors, Annsky is a name that can be wholeheartedly trusted. And among their products their Blood Pressure Monitor for Home Use is no exception. Taking a much more classical design, this product is designed to detect even the most sensitive of readings with their ‘intelligent’ technology.

Accuracy is accordingly, the monitor’s strongest point, with automatic alerts being displayed as soon as any irregularities are detected. It’s clean design and LCD Display is also a huge plus that promotes readability even among its oldest users according to WHO indicators while you’ll easily be able to accommodate for up to two users.


Greater Goods Bluetooth Full Set

Bluetooth Blood Pressure Monitor Cuff by Balance with Upper...

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Coming to the last on our list, what may be one of the most affordable options of there if you insist on having a wrist-strap device is Greater Good’s Full which comes equipped with not just a blood pressure monitor but with a carrying case, included batteries and so on.

Focusing on the monitor, it is a simple device but is both extremely portable given its small size, can store up to two user’s data and can be activated with a click of a single button. It may be the underdog in the world of big-name monitors, but it is still undeniably a good product that can provide accurate readings that are easy to read – though there aren’t any fancy graphical displays here.


Three Things to Look for in Blood Pressure Monitors


To get the biggest bang for your buck you absolutely need to ensure that the size of your arm can be accommodated by the monitor you choose otherwise you make inaccurate measurements. Arm cuffs usually stretch from as little as 21cm all the way to 43cm so we suggest you measure yourself before making any purchase.


While the general rule for products is that with higher prices you are actually also paying for higher quality, this distinction becomes a little blurrier when it comes to monitors. However, we emphasize that this is entirely dependent on your budget and what you’re looking for. So, if you want a simple device to take basic yet accurate results, there is no reason to splurge on something that offers fancy functionalities like Bluetooth connectivity and OLED HD displays! Look to your own needs first before taking any action.


Especially relevant to children and older users, a good blood pressure monitor is one that everyone can use without much struggle. Even for the average user, having something straightforward makes things so much more convenient especially as how taking measurements is a daily activity that can devolve into a tedious task if it were too complex. On this note, you should look for easy to read devices that ideally, only require a press of a single button to take your measurements.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is blood pressure?

Think of your heart like a drum – in any given band the role of the drummer is to keep the beat (so to speak) which enables the music to flow in a steady rhythm and sets the tempo. When we then look at the human body, this is essentially the rate at which your heart is able to pump blood throughout your body.

Blood pressure then is how hard the drummer is hitting the drums, or in other words, how hard the blood is being pumped through your veins. So, this means a higher blood pressure means that means there is more ‘squeeze’ in the flow of your body which makes it harder for blood to circulate and can cause a whole host of health problems.

How do I read my blood pressure?

There are always two readings that will be produced by any blood pressure monitor: systolic pressure and diastolic pressure which are measured through millimetres of mercury (mmHg). The systolic reading (usually on the top) is the maximum pressure level your blood is able to obtain while the diastolic reading (below) is the lowest level between two beats of your heart.

What is considered high and/or low blood pressure?

While there is no one size fits all answer to this, generally speaking a ‘health’ blood pressure measurement will be anything from 90/60mmHg to 120/80mmHg while any reading above 140/90mmHg is considered high blood pressure and anything below 90/60mmHg is considered low.

We do emphasize that this is just a general guideline and will vary substantially based on your overall health, gender, age, activity level and so on so ensure that you consult your doctor before jumping to rash conclusions!