Top 5 Best Wearable for Weights of 2020

Wearable products produced nowadays indeed have various functions. For example, they are wearables that are used for exercises, playing music instruments, home assistants, and more. Interestingly, out of many wearable products available in the market, some series are produced for weight control. So, what are they and the specifications? Here they are.

Best Wearable for Weights of 2020


1. Smart Watch Smartband SKMEI B30 Original Waterproof

Fitness Tracker, SKMEI Fitness Watch, Colorful Touch Screen...
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The main feature of this product is actually like a fitness tracker. This way, you can monitor the number of steps, heartbeat, fitness record, and blood pressure. Interestingly, this is good also to monitor how many calories that are able to waste. It also helps you a lot to know whether your body has been categorized into ideal or not.

This way, you can take action on whether you need to apply a certain diet program or not.

The Smartband is made from TPU material so that it is really comfortable to use. It is also resistant toward water including the sweat. To recharge, it is available using a USB port. This way, you can wear them in any activity.

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2. Spovan GL006G Smartwatch GPS Heart Rate

SPOVAN Men's Sports Bluetooth Smart Watch Water Resistant...
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This Smartwatch is really suitable for you who love sports. The design is cool and sporty with some colors available including black. Meanwhile, it is designed using materials that are water-resistant and really safe to be worn anywhere.

There are some features to support your exercises for sure. They are including the altimeter sensor, compass, thermometer, heart rate monitor, and more. The most important thing, this product also supports you to achieve an ideal body weight through the calorie monitor feature it has.

In every activity you have done, there is a summary regarding the amount of calories that has been successfully gone.


3. Microsoft Band

Microsoft Band 2 - Medium
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Microsoft Band is named as one of the perfect wearable products for them who really love exercise and fitness. Sure, the ideal body weight of the users is also being one of their programs. In general, this band supports you to have a fit body in some ways. One of them is presenting the estimation of calories burned and how to achieve it.

When you set it up, the product will automatically give you time to do some exercises so that a certain number of calories can be burnt. There are also features of email alerts and calendar to keep you doing activities for  ideal body weight.

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4. Garmin Vivosmart

Garmin vívosmart HR Activity Tracker Regular Fit - Black
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Another best wearable product for sport and health is from Garmin. It is Garmin Vivosmart in which one of the features is for body weight control. In every movement you make, you can monitor the calories burnt, heart rate, temperature, and more.

Besides, the product is also able to help you to measure blood pressure and others. The achievement can be shared with family and friends.

Garmin Vivosmart has featured a battery for long-term wear. The materials are water resistant and very comfortable to wear. Of course, the design is modern and trendy to be worn every day.


5. One U8 Smartwatch for Android and iOS

Bluetooth Smart Watch U8 Smart Watch for iPhone 4/4S/5/5S...
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This Smartwatch has a touchscreen that is relatively wider than other similar products. This way, the users can just operate it more easily. Meanwhile, the silicon strap is really comfortable even if you need to wear it in a long time. The product is compatible and integrated with other Android and iOS devices.

SO, what are the functions of the Smartwatch from I-One? It measures your calories, temperature, and blood pressure correctly. You can just wear it while running and doing other exercises to know your body progress and improvement as well as you need further diet program to lose weight or not.

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