Top 5 Best Wearable Tech Startup Companies in US

We can easily find technology-based startup these days. We can call them the source of all ideas and innovation. One of the categories that we love to see how it will develop is the startup that makes wearable devices. Fortunately, there are many of them, which mean the future of this device is brighter.

Now, if we have to choose the top 5 best wearable tech startup companies in us, here are them. They are promising and have high potential to be the leading in the wearable device industry.

1. InteraXon

This company creates a device that can treat people stress and mind. It’s similar to the program from Apple and Fitbit with their breathing apps. But, InteraXon creates a device that can help you to train your breathing. And, the device also provides real-time biofeedback data for you. In 2017, this startup works together with the Italian Safilo Group to create many devices using Safilo X platform. Currently, this company tries to improve its device to be able to give the best performance.

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2. MindMaze

MindMaze startup tries to bring Virtual Reality (VR) technology application at a higher level. This company tries to create a system that can detect your brain wave and apply it to your avatar in a matter of milliseconds. Basically, your expression will be transferred to the avatar accurately.

With this system, the avatar will look more human. Therefore, it is useful for social VR purpose. The other person that uses other avatars also can easily communicate with you. In the future, it can become an important point that changes the implementation of VR technology.

3. Lys Technologies

The best-quality sleep is the main purpose of this startup. For that reason, they try to fix one of the important factors that affect your sleep’s quality. It is the lighting. The Lys wearable light sensor can detect the light intensity and power around you when you wear it. This device is integrated into your lighting system. That way it can adjust the lighting, so it is perfect for sleeping. They use the simplest concept. But, from our point of view, this is one of the most innovative idea to help people get better sleep.

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4. BSX Technologies

Actually, they have already started their business since 2012. But, we can still categorize them as one of the startups, because they haven’t moved their business into a bigger scale. So, what this company does?

BSX Technologies create a wearable device for an athlete. This device has the ability to detect the wearer lactate condition. Usually, in order to know this condition, you must visit a lab. That is definitely a time-consuming process. But, with this unique device, they can find out about it faster. Moreover, they also launch LVL, a device that can show you your hydration level. It is important to improve athlete performance and keep them away from injury.

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5. Doppler Labs

The hearing device is still limited to the device that helps your hearing. Doppler Labs try to break that limit. They provide more variation on their hearing device. Their product, Hear One, is an earbud that provides amazing sound augment function. And, that’s not all.

Doppler Labs now develop the wearable hearing device that also can provide a real-time translation. If this kind of device can really be developed, it will change how you will communicate with other people. Travelling will become much easier.

Those are the top 5 best wearable tech startup companies in us you can find. There is a big chance that they will perfect their product. So, we need to wait a bit. In the future, there is a possibility that they will create the most useful product you can get

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