Top 5 Best Wearable Art to Acknowledge by Designers

What is the best wearable art? Talking about arts, your mind may simply think about things like painting, handicrafts, woven products, dances, music, and more. However, do you know that some of those arts are wearable? It means that those arts are combined with technology and unique creations to support users’ necessities.

The designs are commonly really unusual but undeniably, this is the thing that makes the products more special and prestigious. So, what are the examples?

#1. Futurist Manifesto

Although wearable arts may refer to modern designs and ideas, there were some classic designers who were well-known for their wearable art products. One of them is Italian futurist, Giacomo Balla who produces a unique suit in 1914. Initially, he wrote The Antineutral Suit to support the introduction of the product.

In general, male suits are dominated by black or some other dark and neutral colors. Meanwhile, Balla provides a multicolored design although black is still manifested well there. Interestingly, this design was approved well by society and considered as a sort of flamboyant suits during the 1920’s.

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#2. Tear Dress

The name of this wearable art indeed seems so sad. But you should not worry since it is not as gloomy as it seems. In collaboration with Elsa Schiaparelli, he made a simple sack-dress with a touch of modernity and futuristic vibe. The background of the dress and veil is white with details in black and purple. It is simple but still unique and elegant.

More than that, Dali also tried to make a different function of shoes. A black high heel is no longer to be used only by the foot but it is also as a hat or fascinator. The wearers may wear those all clothing items at once.

#3. The Chapel Projects

There are many kinds of interesting stuff coming from the past to be well worn in this modern day. One of them is the wearable arts launched by Henry Matisse. In the beginning, he designed a chapel namely Rosaire de Vence for his nurse Monique Bourgeois. Next, he was inspired by the chapel along with the touches of Gothic and Medieval eras for clothing.

There is not only one product designed by Matisse. He had more and all of them were accentuated by the Catholic details but in simpler and more modern details. Not only are they black or navy, but also some more colorful colors are presented anyway.

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#4. Simple Graffiti on Leather Jacket

A Simple graffiti on the wall can just be made by the little kids. Uniquely, this type of simple arts inspired Michel Basquiat and Andy Warhol to do so. The jacket itself looked so modest and even it featured dull color. Then, the simple graffiti of Africa can just make it work very well.

Although this wearable art seems really modest and simple, in fact, there are many people who just love it. It was proven by many youth clubs that were interested to have the jacket in the1980’s. Until now, this leather jacket is still considered one of the best wearable arts hunted by art lovers.

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#5. Fashion and Consumerism

K8 Hardy is one of the designers who use common clothes to be combined and worn unusually. Have you ever thought of wearing a short dress from some bras tailored into one? Besides, he also makes famous some male clothing items to be worn by women without making them look too masculine.

Fascinatingly, even all of their products are made from recycled items. It turns the traditional fashion and clothing into something more modern without putting too many efforts. Well, this is the best wearable art for real.

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