Best Subwoofers of 2020

Your standard audio setup might provide a bumping bass, but it won’t give you the vibrating lows that a subwoofer provides. The best products in this category should let you hear and feel the difference in the sounds immediately.

Some subwoofers require specific installation points, so you’ll want to pay attention to the manufacturer’s instructions. A car-only product may not work with a home theater system, while something meant for watching movies may lack compatibility with your PC or vehicle.

Best Subwoofers of 2020

One of the most exciting innovations in subwoofer technology is the wireless unit. You can connect these items to your system in a variety of configuration options to create the perfect audio atmosphere.

1. Sonos Subwoofer

Sonos Sub - The Wireless Subwoofer for Deep Bass - Black

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This subwoofer will connect wirelessly to your Playbar, Beam, or Playbase to create incredibly immersive sounds. You will notice the difference immediately when the low frequencies start to tickle your eardrums. Options for installation include standing it upright, placing the unit on its side, or even tucking it underneath your couch to feel the rumble of the audio.

There is a little buzz when you have it at a comfortable volume because of the dual driver design.

You have the option to add voice controls to this subwoofer by combining it with an Alexa-enabled device. You can connect Sonos speakers in different rooms for a whole-home system if you prefer. The rich details in the audio are unlike anything you may have heard in the past.

2. ABRAMTEK Subwoofer

100W Bluetooth Speaker, ABRAMTEK E600 High Power Wireless...

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If you want to surpass the lowest of lows that a standard subwoofer can create, then the dual-pressure air compression system in this unit delivers intense results. The manufacturer produces a unique driver configuration that combines with internalized air pressure changes to deliver thunderous results.

It naturally creates a 360-degree surround sound effect that gives you top-to-bottom coverage instead of only side-to-side sounds. That’s why it produces precise outcomes every time.

You have the option to connect the subwoofer through Bluetooth to an audio source for greater flexibility. It also comes with a digital signal processing option to modify the pitch and tempo of your music. If you run it on batteries only, then you’ll receive over four hours of playtime on a single charge.

3. Samsung Sound+ Subwoofer

SAMSUNG Sound+ SWA-W700 Wireless Subwoofer, Front Firing...

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This product pairs automatically with branded soundbars from the same manufacturer. The 10-inch driver is going to start shaking your room or car with rich sounds that drop as low as 27 Hz. Wireless connections support your home theater or portable system, giving you the right level of bass when you need it the most. Keep in mind that Samsung soundbars are its primary compatibility option, so this unit may not be well-suited for some audio systems.

The subwoofer automatically tunes itself to compatible devices, so you just need to connect it and forget about it. The seamless front and back create a unique design that you can place anywhere in your space. Make sure that you update the firmware consistently to ensure the best possible performance.

4. Polk Audio Subwoofer

Polk Audio PSW10 10' Powered Subwoofer - Power Port...

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If you don’t want a wireless option, then this wired unit produces impressive results for an affordable price. You could pay up to three times less if you have a consistent power supply nearby for the subwoofer. The 10-inch dynamic balance design provides accurate frequencies with additional depth that will make any song or movie come alive. It works extremely well in small spaces.

You can integrate this unit into most existing systems without much difficulty. Hook it up to the receiver to take advantage of its continuously variable 80 Hz to 160 Hz crossover. The grille on the front even detaches so that you have a complete and cohesive addition to your entertainment setup.

5. Skar Audio Subwoofer

Skar Audio Single 10' 1200W Loaded SDR Series Vented...

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When you want to generate maximum bass in your vehicle, then the 2,500 watts of peak power provided by this subwoofer will rattle your bones. It features a 3-inch high-temperature dual 2-ohm voice coil with black coating and a competition-grade paper cone to produce superior results.

The sensitivity on this unit is 85 decibels, with the frequency response range dipping down to 25 Hz. That means you can expect a low, deep, and extremely responsive result every time.

You have size options that range from 6.5 inches to 18 inches from this manufacturer. Some units step up the voice coil design to 4 ohms.

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Did You Find the Best Subwoofer for Deep Bass?

The best subwoofers for deep bass will improve your audio entertainment at home, in the car, or wherever you are. Look for options that give you the most extensive frequency response range so that the experience feels authentic at any volume level.

Consider the size of your space and its openness. Then choose the model from this list that best fits your exact needs.