5 Best Wearable Airbags of 2020

Wearable airbags have been around for years to protect riders from injuries when they get involved in accidents. Thanks to today’s technology that has brought the wearable airbags to a higher level of adoption to improve the safety of the riders. Additionally, the products also come with various and large designs to allow users to protect their back, spine, chest, neck, and other vital organs. With a lot of products and brands available out there, picking up the rightest wearable airbag for your needs an be a bit tough. Here are the top 5 best wearable airbag to prevent fall injuries you can buy to help you improve safety riding.

Best Wearable Airbags of 2020

1. Helite

Helite Turtle 2 Black Airbag Vest for Motorcyclists (L)

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Speaking about the best wearable airbags, Helite is one of the respected manufacturers in the industry. This French company offers airbag products for motorcyclists with a compact and functional design.

The airbag comes with two different colors of yellow and black. Not only that but the company also provides a wide range option of airbag jackets.  There is a network of Helite dealers that you can find across the United States. You can also purchase the wearable airbags offered by the company through its online store.

2. Dainese D-Air Misano

Dainese Wave 1s D1 Air Back Protector (L)

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Another best wearable airbags you can find in the market are the ones manufactured by Dainese. The wearable airbags provided by the company have been widely used by serious motorcyclists or professional racers.

The D-Air Misano of the manufacturer comes with the D-Air system. One of the most interesting things about the system applied is that it can still detect a crash even though there is no lanyard attached to the bike. Instead, you will find electronic sensors attached to the bike to help the system to detect any crash. To buy the D-Air Misano, you need to register with the company.

This is aimed to make sure that the product you purchase works correctly and maintained properly.

3. Hit-Air EU6 Ultimate Airbag

Hit-Air LV Equestrian Light Weight Airbag Vest (S-XL)...

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Speaking about the top 5 best wearable airbags to prevent fall injuries, you can’t skip this Japanese manufacture from your list. The company has been around since 1999 and carved a good reputation in the industry due to high-quality products offered.

The Hit-Air EU6 Ultimate Airbag comes with a compact design and advanced safety system to provide optimum protection to the users.

Additionally, the wearable airbag provided by the company also comes with attractive colors that will make you look good while riding your motorcycle.


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4. Alpinestars

Alpinestars 8989019-10 M8/M10 Semi Rigid Helmet Bag

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This is another brand that provides wearable airbag products with outstanding quality. The company is considered to be one of the leading makers for professional motorcyclists. The wearable airbag produced by Alpinestars uses the latest technology for more safety riding. The Tech-Air system applied can detect a crash so that the riders will be well protected when an accident occurs.

Additionally, the wearable airbag products provided also come with various designs, leaving you plenty of options to choose from. Not only wearable airbags, but Alpinstars also provide other products such as technical footwear and high-performance clothing.

5. Moto Air

Motorcycle airbag Vest Moto Racing Professional Advanced...

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If you are looking for the top 5 best wearable airbags to prevent fall injuries at a relatively affordable price, this Moto Air airbag can be the perfect option to take. The wearable airbag products offered by the manufacturer are considered cheaper if compared to others in the market. The airbag vests provided come with prices that start at under $400. Meanwhile, the airbag jackets offered by the company start at under $500.

However, you do not need to doubt the quality of the products offered since they apply high-quality technology.