The Best Wearable GPS Tracker for Child

Have you ever lost when you were a child? Or Did your kid ever lose from your sight? One of the challenges in parenting is ensuring your kid’s safety even when they are out of your sight. Thanks to the development of technology, now you can know where your kids are even when they are out of your sight with the best wearable GPS tracker for child.

Best Wearable GPS Tracker for Child of 2020


Your kids may grow to make their own rules. They will get annoyed when their parents follow them everywhere. This article gives a list of best wearable GPS tracker for child so you do not have to worry anymore.

Angel Sense

AngelSense Personal GPS Tracker for Kids, Teen, Autism,...

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As the name says, you will get an ‘angel’ sense using this wearable GPS tracker for your child. There is an app for parents who use Angel Sense for their kids. You will get a notification every time your kids move from one place to another. The app also provides your child’s route in a simple diary format with a 30-second interval. If your kids love to explore the outside world, you will know exactly where they are.

In addition, you will also get the direction to where your kids are. The advantage of using Angel Sense is the GPS tracker is non-removable devices. It requires a special key to remove it. So, your kids will not take the GPS tracker off unless you remove it by yourself. Parenting will become much easier with Angel Sense.

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Kids GPS Watch

Owl Cole Smart Watch for Kids GPS Tracker Best Phone Watch...

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It is a kind of smartwatch which your kids will love to wear it. The GPS watch has a highly integrated and accurate GPS positioning so you will always be able to track your kid’s whereabouts. You will always get an up to date location of where your kids are currently at. Moreover, the built-in battery is able to last for three days on standby, making you to not worry anymore about recharging the watch.

Like the other smartwatch, Kids GPS watch can be used as if it is a regular mobile device. It features 1.63-inch touch screen display and SIM slot, making it best wearable GPS tracker for child. The GPS watch also features an ‘anti-harassment’ option. You can block unknown numbers so they will not be able to text or call your kids. Pretty cool, isn’t it?


VTech Kidizoom Smartwatch DX, Pink

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This smartwatch is just like another GPS tracker device for your kids. However, it features several things on the smartwatch so your kids will not get bored of wearing it. It is a smartwatch which easily captures photos and record videos on the go. The watch also provides photo effect, frames, and filters so your kids can explore their creativity to the best.

There is also a voice recorder option so your kids will be able to record their voice and play it with five different voice-changing effects. The USB cable is also provided to recharge the battery as well as upload the photos and videos taken by the smartwatch. The smartwatch is sweat and splash proof, however, it is not recommended to submerge it as well as for bathing and showering.

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Several Things to Remember

The first thing to remember is the battery life. Make sure you always check how long the GPS tracker’s battery will last before letting your kids go out. The next thing is to pick a GPS tracker which has a water resistance option. It will work perfectly even though your kids get dirty and wet.

The last thing is the GPS tracker must have accurate positioning and interval notification. So you will get an up to date notification of your kid’s location. Those are things to remember before buying the best wearable GPS tracker for child.

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