5 Best Wearable Safety Products for Elderly

Nowadays, people are living longer and the elderly population is increasing each day. But just because you are getting old doesn’t mean that you can’t live an independent life. The growing technology is starting to make it possible for the elderly. These wearable products will certainly change some lives.

Best Wearable Safety Products for Elderly of 2020

1. Apple Watch 4

Apple Watch Series 4 (GPS + Cellular, 44mm) - Space...
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The newest version of this product is not only aesthetically pleasing, but it also has a lot of helpful features for the elderly. Those features include a larger screen, a fall detection feature, and a soon-to-be activated electrocardiogram monitor. With just a touch to the watch’s digital crown, you can take a 30-second ECG reading and easily send it to your doctor.

The gyroscope accelerometer feature in this watch can detect when you have fallen and will ask if you want to call emergency services. The only possible downside to this product is its price of $500, which is quite pricey for some.

Overall, though, it is a great wearable product for the elderly.


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2. Lively Mobile by GreatCall

Lively Wearable Fitness Tracker with Exclusive Urgent...
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This is a 24/7 monitoring product that is wireless and you can wear it around your neck to count your steps and to recognize falls. Its fall detection feature is also connected to live agents. Therefore, if you’ve fallen, those agents can speak to you 24/7 through the device to see if you need some help.

Another useful feature in this product is its GPS tracking, which will allow your loved ones to find you if you’re in trouble. This device is also waterproof, which is very helpful because most elderly falls occur in the bathroom while showering. The price of the device itself is very affordable at around $50.

However, monthly fees for service start around $25. But still, it is a very useful product to have.

3. ActiveProtective Airbag Smart Belt

Belt Protective Suit, Suitable for Seniors with Reduced...
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The third product, and probably the most fashionable out of the top 5 best wearable products for the elderly, is the ActiveProtective airbag smart belt. Basically, this product is a 2.5-inch smart belt that is worn like a regular belt and prevents you from fracturing a hip.

This belt acts as an airbag that can inflate in 60 milliseconds, cushioning your waist and hips to soften the impact of falls. It uses sensors that will detect irregular movements such as when you fall. Other than that, this product has Wi-Fi and Bluetooth to alert loved ones when you happen to fall.


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4. GPS SmartSole

GPS SmartSole Hidden Wearable Tracker in Shoe for Monitoring...
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This product is the easiest to use, especially for the elderly. You put this product right inside your shoe as an insole and with a GPS tracking feature, it can track your location at all times. You can connect this feature to your own phone to see where you are on the map or you can connect it to your loved ones’ phones so they can always know whether you are safe.

At around $300, the price is a bit steep but its features and simplicity make up for it.

5. Care Touch wrist blood pressure cuff monitor

Care Touch Fully Automatic Wrist Blood Pressure Cuff Monitor...
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This product is especially useful for those who have blood pressure problems. This product fits right on your wrist and gives a reading of your blood pressure in under a minute. As long as you place this device on its designated place, its reading will be super accurate.

Moreover, it is easy to read and only costs about $30. That is why this product qualifies as one of the top 5 best wearable products for elders.

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