Top 5 Wearable Fitness Technology Products in the Market

Nowadays, the wearable products are demanded a lot by people. Undeniably, things like the smart band or smart glasses can simply support your appearance. Sure, each product also offers many features including the fitness trackers. Sure, just like the name, wearable, the products can be worn to make it less practical. It eases you more while doing activities like running, walking, doing sports, and many more. So, what are the best wearable products with features for fitness? Here they are.

4Connect 4Fit

4Connect 4Fit is indeed a product to monitor and control your daily lifestyle. By applying the newest fitness technology, it is able to monitor your heartbeat and blood pressure more accurately. When you are exercising or doing certain sports, this wearable record the numbers of calories that are burnt as well as the distance of you are running. The battery is durable enough with the capacity of 80mAh to be used for around 4 days without recharging. The design is simple but stylish with some options of strap colors. they are including black, red, and blue.

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Garmin Vivosmart HR

There are many reasons to buy this product. First of all, the product is released by Garmin which is known as the leading producer of the Smartwatch. Second, the price is quite affordable compared to similar products in its class. Third, there are some great features available that are commonly only found in the more expensive Smartwatches. Those features are barometric feature, altimeter, accelerometer, and heart rate monitor. Sure, all of them make Garmin Vivosmart HR your best friends in fitness and exercises. The product is compatible with iOS and Smartphone. You can just integrate them to receive a call and others only via Smartband.

Xiaomi Mi Band 3

Xiaomi is not only competitive in the Smartphone markets. Recently, the technology company from China also introduces some wearable products with some cool features. One of them is Xiaomi Mi Band 3. Xiaomi Mi Band 3 is quite affordable in term of price. But by using it, it seems like you wear your Smartphone on your wrist. The fitness features are on their best including the heart rate monitor, pedometer, and even sleep analysis. Quite different from some other products that are entirely made from plastic, the smart band is made from aluminum that is stronger and more durable. For the strap, it is from the elastic rubber that is resistant toward the extreme temperatures.

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Sony Smartband Talk SWR30

More than just a kind of smart band with fitness trackers, the product from Sony is also able to talk to you. Yes, all the notifications are delivered through the sound messages. Sony Smartband Talk SWR30 is integrated well into Smartphone whether it is iOS or Android. This way, you can check the messages and emails can be checked via the band by using your voice. For fitness, it helps you to track and analyze your achievement. Some features like the heartbeat and blood pressure measurement are available in the device.

Lenovo G10

Lenovo has released some smart band products. It is including Lenovo G10 that is indeed the most excellent compared to other series in the same brand. The smart band is waterproof and dust-proof with a durable battery. You don’t need to recharge it for a week after the first usage for sure. The fitness features are to measure the heartbeat and blood pressure. It counts the number of calories burnt and the steps you are taking while running or walking. If it is connected to your Smartphone, there are notifications of calls and messages received automatically.

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