The Best Wearable Computer Mouse in 2020 – Product Reviews

Are you looking for the best wearable computer mouse that can help you to control the device simply by gesturing in the air? Well, the following is a product review of the wearable computer mice in 2019.

What is Wearable Computer Mouse?

A wearable computer mouse is mostly in the form of 3D or an air mouse. The product utilizes a multi-axis sensor cluster or simply an infrared sensor. This is just like the one used in your smartphone that can help the device to detect any physical movements and then translate them into computer control. In other words, moving the wearable mouse means that you also move the cursor of your computer screen.

This will allow the users to have a simpler computer mouse operation but fun and practical. Does it sound like an old concept you have already known before and reminded you of something? Well, you are absolutely correct since the product is used to be sold as a remote for home theater computer in which a space for a mouse pad is not needed.

The wearable computer mouse is also called a “gyro mouse” sometimes.

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The Best Wearable Computer to Opt

Among various brands available out there in the market, there are two products that considered to be the best wearable computer for hand-worn motion controllers, they are Padrone Ring and the Tactigon Skin. However, the two products are not the only computer mice you can find in the market but still, they are the best ones to opt. Get to know the review here.

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Padrone Ring

Just like the name suggests, this product uses your fingers and then turn them into a mouse. Meanwhile, you can use any surface available as the mouse pad. This Padrone Ring will make your ways to operate the computer become much easier, simpler, and fun. The product works on any flat surface which can be done simply by moving your fingers.

You can use it as you wear a ring on your fingers. The design is unique and the technology applied will make it possible for the device to use a camera to determine the position of your fingers. In other words, the camera acts to help you control the cursor. To use the product, all the things you need to do is just gliding your fingers along the surface each time you want to move the cursor of the mouse.

Meanwhile, you can conduct actuate clicks simply by tapping your finger where the Ring is used. Unlike the Tap wearable mouse, you do not need to use any software to make sure that the product will become fully functional.

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Tagticon Skin

Another wearable computer product reviewed in the list is Tagticon Skin. This is actually a 3D mouse as well as an Android VR device which recently released in February. So, how the device works? Well, this Tagticon Skin can be utilized as a mouse without any additional software needed to install. The product has some strengths if compared to its competitors.

Tagticon Skin comes with true Bluetooth compatibility so you do not need any Wi-Fi direct, a Bluetooth requirement, or 802. 11 wireless dongle.

The absence of the dongle will make it possible for you to use the product in much easier ways. In addition, you can also use it to control the cursor of your mouse simply by gesturing the air as well as a control input for reality platforms of Android virtual. Plus, you can also use this wearable mouse as an Arduino remote control.

The product is also compatible with various major platforms include Macintosh, Android, Windows 8, Windows 8.1, Windows 10, and Linux.

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