Best Wearable Dog Sling Carriers of 2020

Larger dogs stay at home when you go out, but smaller dogs and pups often prefer to leave with you. To carry them, you can use the rigid and bulky pet crate or small kennel; however, this pet container is neither reliable nor comfortable for you and your pet to use, especially if you move a lot.

A wearable dog sling carrier will be a much better choice for both of you. It is simpler to wear and use, it leaves your hands free to do your activities, and it provides warmth and comfort to your pet.

 Best Wearable Dog Sling Carriers of 2020

If you are looking for the right sling carrier to carry your dog, here are 5 best wearable dog sling carriers that you can buy now.

1. Pyrus Dog Sling

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Pyrus Dog Sling is a recommended dog sling carrier to buy because of its simple and flexible design. It features ventilation that handles heat and odor excellently and it has a fleece pad at the bottom that can be removed and washed using a machine.

2. I’Pet Reversible Sling

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I’Pet hands-free reversible small dog sling carrier feels comfortable due to its wide shoulder strap and spacious sack for your dog. The entire part of the sling is machine-washable and reversible, so it is a perfect choice if you are looking for a hassle-free sling carrier.

3. Timetuu Buy Hands-Free Dog Sling

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The best thing about this dog sling is its versatility. It can be used for any dogs with any sizes and its adjustable strap makes it a perfect sling for wearers with various body sizes. There is also a large selection of colors available to fit your taste of fashion.

4. Samia Oxford Cloth Pet Sling

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This dog sling carrier is made from oxford cloth and nylon, which are known for their flexibility, durability, and breathability. It also has a spacious pouch that ensures comfort.

5. FurryFido Pet Sling

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FurryFido pet sling is so comfortable for your dog that they may fall asleep if they stay too long in it. Although it doesn’t feature an adjustable strap, it is one of the 5 best wearable dog sling carriers to choose if you want to provide ultimate comfort to your pet.


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Tips for Choosing the Right Dog Sling Carrier

Aside from choosing a sling carrier with excellent comfort, there are several other things to mind when you want to buy a new dog sling carrier.

Sling or Backpack

Both sling and backpack are fabric carriers that give both you and your dog ease and comfort. A backpack lies entirely on your back whereas a sling carrier wraps around your shoulder and goes to the opposite hip. A sling carrier has a simpler and briefer design, making it a lightweight and hassle-free carrier, but due to the way your dog is positioned, a sling carrier is a good choice if your upper body isn’t too active. A sling carrier is perfect for biking and walking, but if you are jogging or running, a backpack might be a better choice.


When choosing a sling carrier, be sure that it is neither too small or too large for your dog. If it is too small, your dog may experience much discomfort when carried in it. If it is too large, your dog may go off easily when you become too active or when they feel agitated.


When you carry your dog in your sling, you want to make sure that they stay there, so be sure to buy a sling carrier with a clasp that attaches securely to your dog’s collar.