Best Wearable Biosensors of 2020

Several types of wearable biosensors give their wearers the instantly available information about their current health condition. For people who want to be constantly aware of their health, these biosensors provide them with direct feedback so that they can take the right measure to maintain their health accordingly.

These biosensors can detect any alarming situations that could cause detrimental effects on health, including body weight, heartbeat rate, blood sugar level, blood pressure, and even psychological and emotional conditions.

There are already biosensor products circulating in the market, such as Google’s smart lens, MIT’s Q Sensor, and Georgia Tech’s smart shirt.

Due to the relatively large number of wearable biosensors that are available today, understanding the categories in which they fall gives you a broader picture of every type of biosensor that you can wear today.

Best Wearable Biosensors of 2020


According to a journal published on Nanomaterials on 29 May 2019, ten types of wearable biosensors are already circulating today.

1. Eyewear

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Google’s smart lens is an example of eyewear that functions as a biosensor because the eye contains blood vessels that can be read to reveal, for example, blood sugar level. What categorized as biosensing eyewear generally includes only contact lenses, especially because smart eyeglasses generally fall into the headset category, which you will read more below.

2. Mouthpiece

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Mitsubayashi et al. recently produced a mouthguard that functions as a glucose sensor. With this sensor, everything that enters or is currently inside your mouth, including your saliva, can be read to provide useful biosensing data.

3. Headset

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Headset biosensors include eyeglasses that gather data from the eyes and those that retrieve data that are not from the eyes, such as Joseph Wang’s biosensor that reads data from sweat content. Biosensing headsets that read data from your eyes generally use the same mechanism with that of smart lenses.

4. Armband

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A biosensor can also be worn around the upper arm, where it can sense blood pressure and sweat content.


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5. Wristband

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A wristband is particularly a favored wearable because it often looks like a smartwatch that is both functional and fashionable. Many biosensors use this design, such as the biosensing strip that attaches to your wrist like a tight bracelet and Joe Wang’s wearable tattoo.

6. Smart Watch

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Simband Wearable Biosensor is an example of smartwatches that are capable to provide you with a biosensing data. Unlike a wristband that not necessarily comes with a display, a smartwatch has a built-in display that acts as a dial and a biosensing monitor.

7. Ring

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A biosensor can also be worn around a finger. This biosensor can be worn permanently to provide continuous biosensing data or worn only when needed. Data that are gathered by a biosensing ring generally include data that can be read from blood circulation, including blood pressure, heart rate, sugar level, and oxygen saturation.

8. Clothing

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Upper body clothes, such as Georgia Tech’s smart shirt, perhaps offers the most accurate biosensing data because it reads data from many vital parts of your body, including body temperature, heartbeat, blood vessels, and sweat content.

9. Belt

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A smart belt can act as an excellent biosensor because it gathers data from sources that are physically apparent, such as waist size, and behavioral sources, such as eating, sitting, movement, etc. A good example of this kind of wearable biosensor is WELT or wellness belt.

10. Shoes

Smart shoes are among the best types of wearable biosensors because they can provide data that are quite useful for identifying your health conditions. Smart shoes read your gait, your skeletal conditions, your speed, and your movement. You can get instant information about your training result if you wear this pair of smart shoes.