Best Wearable Devices for Construction Safety

Construction site is a tough working environment with various possible safety risks. No wonder, the safety protocols in construction industry are straight. Improving construction safety is a big deal for construction industry and who would guess that the answer would be the wearable technology.

Construction industry and technology are not strange to one another. Technology allows the construction process to evolve into a more efficient and much safer one.

Lately, the adoption of computer and digital technology helps the construction industry with software or tech equipment to help a more precise construction process. It is ranging from machinery for prefabricated building or structure, 3D printing technology, virtual reality, to even AI and machine learning.

While those technologies also help improving construction safety, they are focusing more on the construction process not focusing on construction safety.

Wearable, the generic name for the internet of things, internet-connected small gadgets that can be worn as part of our outfit and style, has been improving a lot. Once wearable techs were more leaning to fashion but it has been developing a lot. Not just small gadgets like smartwatches or smart eyeglasses, wearable are including bigger equipment as long as it is fit to wear by a human.

There are new types of wearable that have been developed to meet the demand from the construction industry to improve construction safety. Those wearable are focusing to help protecting construction workers from possible risks hazards, preventing injuries, and at the same time help them to perform better.

These are the top 5 wearables that are changing the future of construction safety:

1. Smart Helmet

Helmet is the basic safety gear for construction worker. It protects the head from the possible impact of falling objects, cut from sharp sides, and other risks. Modern digital technology brings safety helmet into a different level.

A California based company, Darqi, offers smart safety helmet equipped with augmented reality ready clear visor. The visor allows visual overlay giving the wearer 360-degree view thus giving them a better knowledge of surrounding. A more advanced version of this smart helmet offers augmented work instruction, thermal vision, and more.

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2. Smart Vest

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Another staple construction safety gear, the humble safety vest also gets big improvement with GPS location tracking technology. It also comes with alert system that will be activated once the wearer enters hazard zones.

3. Smart Glasses

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The construction industry can benefit from the rapid development of smart glasses. Combined with augmented and virtual reality technology, smart googles can display working plan, layout, instruction, including alert for hazard zone and provides better view to surrounding.

4. Body Cooling Outfit

Heat hazard is real. When the body temperature gets above healthy range due to sunlight exposure or working indoor with poor ventilation it can cause serious accidents. Zipkool is a wearable tech that creates airflow surrounding the body to ensure sweat to vaporize faster. It helps to maintain the construction worker’s body temperature within normal range.

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5. Bionic Suits

Construction works are highly related to physical labors and it is also the main cause of injuries. Bionic suits provide extra strength for the workers allowing them to do tough physical labors with minimum risks of muscle, joint, and other physical injuries. Specific bionic suits designed for construction works are still in the development phase but at least we know that the future is bright.

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