Knowing More About Wearable Technology: Definition and Example Devices

The development of technology is getting bigger and quicker in this digital era. The technology itself brings many changes in almost every aspect of life. Basically, technology is created in order to give easiness and also as a solution to various problems faced by humans.

Today, wearable technology is becoming a hot issue talked by quite many people. This wearable technology is being seriously developed recently. But first, do you know what is wearable technology definition?

The Definition of Wearable Technology

Wearable technology is a technology that is used to create wearable devices. What is a wearable device? It is a technology product, an item that is usually in the form of accessories that can be used in humans’ bodies. The item has technology just like a mini computer.

Several examples of wearable devices are wristwatch, glasses, bracelet, shoes, and even clothes. Those items are already equipped with sophisticated technology related to computer operation. However, the aesthetics and functions are still concerned so that the items can bring benefits in daily life. Moreover, those items have the label ‘smart’ behind its name. For example, smartwatch.

The development of wearable technology or wearable devices has been started since the 80s. At that time, there was a watch that is featured with a calculator.

However, the name of wearable technology or wearable devices was known and popular after 2010. At that time, some technology companies such as Apple, Google, and Samsung launched wearable device products. For instance, Samsung with Samsung Gear, Google with Google Glass, and Apple Apple Watch.

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Examples of Wearable Devices

After knowing the definition of wearable technology, below are some examples of products created by using wearable technology.

Google Health Tracker

As one of the leading and biggest technology companies in the world, Google never stops to innovate with the newest technology devices in order to bring benefits to many people.

For example, Google works on a smartwatch that is equipped with a health tracker feature for medical needs. Just like other common health trackers, Google has an idea to monitor the users’ health, such as their heartbeats. This wearable technology product is pretty popular, especially among those who are really concerned about healthy lifestyle.

Google Glass

Besides Google Smartwatch Health Tracker, this technology company also invents a wearable device named Google Glass. Google Glass is the latest innovation developed by Google. This smart glasses has an advanced feature that allows the user to be connected to a headset. It is also able to give information such as temperature, calendar, time, and messages. Google Glass can also takes pictures.

The user just needs to give a voice order through the headset and direct the Google Glass to the object that will be photographed. Moreover, this wearable device also has the capability to change audio data of a conversation to texts.

Samsung Gear

Samsung Gear is a smartwatch invented and developed by Samsung. Samsung introduced this wearable device product on September 2013 in Berlin, Germany. This Samsung smartwatch is operated by using the software owned by Google named Android Wear. But a year later, Samsung replaced the software with its own software named Tizen. Samsung Gear works like a smartphone but in the form of a wristwatch.

So, you can make a call and receive messages with this smartwatch.

Besides those wearable technology products, there are still many other wearable devices invented and developed by technology companies. For example, Apple Watch from Apple and Moto 360 from Motorola. Technology can bring us easiness and benefits if we use it right. So, make sure we do not misuse technology for something wrong.