Lists of the Best Wearable Towel

Living in a very modern world, it is not a surprising thing to find that now there is a wearable towel. You may confuse it with a bathrobe, but the wearable towel and bathrobe are two completely different things. As you all know, bathrobes are heavy and thick. No matter what kind of soft materials that the bathrobe uses, it still is too heavy and big. For mothers, that can be annoying. Most of the mothers are very busy in the morning. They want full coverage for their body after they get off the shower but they want to be able to use their hands to make coffee or breakfast. Thus, the wearable towel becomes the solution for the mother. If you want to know how does the wearable towel works and lists of the best wearable towel, keep on reading this article.

What is a Wearable Towel and How Does it Work?

As you can see from the name, the wearable towel is a kind of towel which can be used as a garment as well. To help you, try to imagine a nightdress but it is a towel. In other words, the wearable towel means for those busy mothers who want to use both of their hands after a shower. As for how does the wearable towel works, it works exactly like you towel. It has a rectangular shape with holes on the edge of the upper sides to let you slide your hands in. Because it looks like a dress, you do not need to hold the edge of the towel. Thus, you can use both of your hands to do everything that you need.

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The Best Wearable Towel

Now, we finally get into the exciting part. Down below is the list of the best wearable towel which you can buy:

  1. Ausion Multi-Functional Quick Drying Towel Women Girl Wearable Spaghetti Strap Dress

This wearable towel will cost you around $21.49 and it has so many colors. The size is about 163 x 66 cm and it is made from polyester and spandex material. It is soft, comfortable, and absorbent. It is very thin but can dry you very quick.

  1. Meihuida Ladies Wearable Microfiber Bath Towel Women Sexy Bathrobe Fast Dry Wash Clothing Wrap Bath Towels Robe Beach Dress

This wearable towel is much cheaper because it will only cost you around $8.99 and it also has many colours. The size is about 140 x 73 cm and it is made from microfiber material so it is super soft. It can be washed with the machine, very absorbent, moisture permeability and comfortable.

  1. Catalonia Surf Poncho Towel with Hood for Adults Women Men, Microfiber Beach Poncho Robe for Swimwear Bathing Suit Wetsuit Changing Out

The next wearable towel is this surf poncho towel which cost around $23.99 and it also has many colors. You can use this poncho towel to change from wetsuit or swimsuit without being indecent. It has an incredibly absorbent and will dry your body and hair in a quick way. It is made from polyester and polyamide which is very soft and can block the wind so you will stay warm.

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  1. Dreams & Co. Women’s Plus Size Terry Towel Wrap

The last of the best wearable towel is for the plus size women. This wearable towel costs around $21.25 to $29.99 and has 11 colors. This wearable towel is made from pure cotton which is very soft and comfortable. It also has a pullover style with an elastic band and shoulder straps so you do not have to worry it will be slipped up. You can wash this wearable towel with a machine and it can absorb the water very quickly.

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