The Best Wearable ECG Monitor

We all know that heart rate monitors are now available on most of the fitness trackers or smartwatches. For those who love to do sports are familiar with the heart rate monitor devices. However, do you know that there are many companies now that develop the smartwatches or fitness trackers and input ECG monitor? Keep on reading this article if you want to find out the best wearable ECG monitor.

About ECG Monitor Device

Most of the people uses the heart rate monitor device to pay attention to their heart. The heart rate monitor works on-the-spot and will allow you to know the current state of your health. However, most of the heart rate monitor devices have one common problem, that is accuracy. That is why many companies turn to develop an ECG monitor in the smartwatch or fitness tracker. The ECG stands for electrocardiogram which refers to a medical test with an electrocardiograph which is used to detect any cardiac abnormalities.

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The Benefits of Using Wearable ECG Monitor

Before we jump into the best wearable ECG monitor, you must know first about the benefits of using the wearable ECG monitor. The first benefit is that you can get the data of your heart more accurate than if you just use the heart rate monitor device. Being a wearable device, this ECG monitor will not require to plaster all of the electrodes on your body. For example, you can use a chest strap with ECG tech and it will focus on your heart to record and transmit the data. You also do not have to use a third-party because you now can analyze the data through your smartphone. The next benefit is that you can get an insight into other health issues. Because of its accuracy, ECG tech will be able to explore other health issues related to your heart.

The Best Wearable ECG Monitor

Now, we finally get into the fun part. There are quite many wearable ECG monitor which you can use:

  1. Apple Watch Series 4

This new watch from Apple uses ECG tech with a built-in sensor in the ceramic, heart rate monitor under the watch, and the Digital Crown. To use the ECG, you can just open the ECG app and place your finger on the crown. Then, you will get an ECG examination and atrial fibrillation in 30 seconds.

  1. Kardia Band

The next wearable ECG tech comes from AliveCor. They have launched a Kardia Band which works with the Apple Watch. Using an ECG tech, it can detect the electrical activity produced by your heartbeat. This Kardia Band is considered as the first and only medical device for the Apple Watch which is cleared by the FDA.

  1. QardioCore

The next wearable ECG is in the form of a chest strap. This strap uses a medical-grade ECG tech and will send the live data of your heart rate, heart rate variability, respiratory rate, temperature, and activity straight to your phone. This chest strap is designed to be used for every day or weekly health monitoring device to be used in your home and between your regular checkup. However, this chest strap is only available in Canada, Europe, and Australia. The QardioCore still seeks approval from the FDA to ship to the U.S.

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  1. Hexoskin Smart

The last of best wearable ECG monitor is the Hexoskin Smart. This is basically a gen-connected garment which is equipped with the ECG tech and can continuously track your heartbeats. This clothing is also compatible with both iOS and Android. You can also measure heart rate variability and get insights into stress, training effort, training load, and fatigue.

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